WDFW Reminds Hunters & Anglers to Buy 2017-18 Licenses For Seasons Starting in April

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OLYMPIA, WA - Hunters and anglers are reminded to purchase their 2017-18 hunting and fishing licenses for the new license year that begins Saturday.  Customers can access WDFW’s licensing system at: https://fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov/ or buy licenses by calling WDFW at 360-902-2464. WDFW sells licenses through its website, by telephone, and through a network of 600 retail stores across the state.

New Survey Shows Young Drivers Willing to Pay More Than Their Older Counterparts

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BOISE, ID - Idaho gas prices have recently stabilized, but a new AAA survey says many families and younger drivers are willing to hit the road even if prices climb higher.  Young drivers (age 18 to 34) are more tolerant of higher gas prices and less likely to change habits compared to older drivers (35 and older).

In the past decade, Idaho prices have ranged from $2.29 per gallon to $3.58 per gallon.  Today, Idaho pump prices are around $2.47 per gallon, compared to $2.43 a month ago and $2.01 a year ago. Even so, current prices are among the cheapest Idahoans have paid in recent history.  Meanwhile, Washington State's current average is $2.83 per gallon, compared to $2.75 a month ago and $2.28 a year ago.

City of Lewiston Installing Radio Read Water Meters in Elk’s Addition Beginning Next Month

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LEWISTON, ID - The City of Lewiston will be installing radio read water meters in the Elk’s Addition (route 0801) beginning next month.  Officials say they will replace monthly manual reads with a wireless system that collects multiple remote reads per day, allows for better leak detection, increased billing accuracy, and improved customer service.

Pink Snow Mold Destruction Discovered in Area Wheat Fields

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PULLMAN, WA - Melting snow is exposing patches of damage caused by pink snow mold in some eastern Washington wheat fields and that has one Washington State University plant expert surprised.  Plant pathologist Tim Murray has studied the fungus for nearly four decades and says destruction by snow mold is rarely seen in those parts of the state it has been discovered, including Columbia and Whitman Counties.

Rachel Dolezal Subject of Interview on HBO's Vice News Tonight

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CLARKSTON, WA - The former director of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP will be the subject of an interview on 'VICE News Tonight' on HBO this evening.  Rachel Dolezal used to run the civil rights group chartered to support black Americans, but in 2015 it was disclosed that she is not African-American but identifies as one.  In addition to losing her job, Dolezal became "a national laughingstock," according to a press release from the HBO show.


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