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Classic Rock 102 9

Classic Rock 102 9

The Valleys only original Classic Rock Station, With new music from classic artists and a showcase for local rock bands.

Mark BoneWell Lookie Lookie! This asshat broke into Hells Canyon Cannabis Company recently. Do you recognize him? Do you recognize the coat? Did one of your "friends" shoot his mouth off about breaking into the weed grow? Let me tell you, there is a SUBSTANTIAL reward offered for the catching this derphead. Money talks there sparky! I want to mention the word SUBSTANTIAL again. That means "a whole lot!" you should just turn yourself in now, Buttsteak, before one of your acquaintances rats your sorry ass out.

3 weeks ago

    Mark BoneThursday! Lousy weather again, but damn this music is killer! The Bone Radio Network is on the air and ready to crank up your music! R&R Trifecta on the way at 7:20 brought to you by those really, really nice people at Puretone Hearing Aids, now serving the Grangeville area out of the Camas Prairie Eye Clinic every first Thursday of the month form 10am till 3pm. Call the Lewiston Pure Tone office at 746-6068 to schedule your hearing test. 1850 Idaho street. Pure Tone Hearing Aids!

    3 weeks ago

      Mark BoneAre you that sneaky person at work who changes the thermostat to YOUR ideal temperature? According to a new survey, almost 1 in 5 people have done it during the summer.

      19% of us have secretly changed the temperature at work . . . 13% to make it cooler, and 6% to make it warmer.

      And it doesn't always go smoothly. 15% of people said they've gotten into an ARGUMENT with a coworker over the temperature in their office.

      Women are more likely to be unhappy with the temperature at work. 55% of women don't like their office's temperature . . . 36% say it's normally too cold, versus 19% who say it's too ho

      It's a more even split for men. 18% say they're usually cold, and 17% say they're hot. So that's 35% total.

      Overall, 46% of us aren't happy with the temperature in our office. And for some of us, it can affect our ability to concentrate.

      67% of people say they're less productive when it's too warm, compared to 51% when it's too cold.

      This is one of those places where if you are across the hall at the country station, you'd swear they are storing meat, but stem into MY studio, and you'll look for the growing Orchids!

      3 weeks ago

        Mark BoneBack at it for another week here at the Bone Radio Network, Classic Rock 102.9 with another week of great music and stupid information. Also some usefull information, but you may have to sift around to get that! Trifecta on the way from Pure Tone hearing aids. 1850 Idaho St. We got this one on Friday and it is a great one, Also we have one scheduled for tomorrow as well, But now...WE ROCK!!

        1 month ago

          Mark BoneThis seems like an awfully complicated way to get Doritos, considering you can buy a bag of them in, like, every convenience store in the country.

          A 22-year-old guy named Jose Cruz in Pasadena, California was drunk and hungry for some Doritos around 3:15 A.M. last Saturday.

          So . . . he broke into a Taco Bell and ate 10 SHELLS for their Doritos Locos tacos.
          By the time the cops got to the Taco Bell, he was gone . . . but about four hours later, he wandered up to the police station and confessed.

          He's facing one count of commercial burglary.

          1 month ago

            Mark BoneAnother great day of the rock that MADE rock Classic! Plus a trifecta from down under at 7:20 for Doug and from our friends at Puretone hearing aids 1850 Idaho street. If you have a friend or loved one that you are constantly repeating yourself to, or maybe that person is you…get to Pure Tone Hearing Aid Services today! Hearing tests are free, there is a 30-day trial period, and always free batteries for life with your purchase! The best technology and best customer service you could ever want! Call the Lewiston Pure Tone office at 746-6068 to schedule your hearing test. 1850 Idaho street. Pure Tone Hearing Aids!

            1 month ago

              Mark BoneI get that if some fancy survey company asks you what you find funny, you're probably not going to admit that you'd LOSE YOUR MIND at someone falling into a port-a-potty. So that's my explanation for this.
              A new survey asked people what types of HUMOR they find funny . . . and "toilet humor" came in last. Here are the full results . . .

              1. Observations on everyday life, 72%.

              2. Observations on the news, 47%.

              3. Wordplay, 31%.

              4. Controversial or taboo subjects, 30%.

              5. Impressions, 28%.

              6. Sketch comedy, 26%.

              7. Improv, 23%.

              8. Cringeworthy, awkward, and embarrassing situations, 22%.

              9. Toilet humor, 14%.

              10. Nothing. I find nothing funny. 7%. (That's just damn sad...)

              2 months ago

                Mark BoneGood morning! I can only hope that today for you is as great a day as yesterday was for me! We honored a couple of very special people at CHS yesterday with the Alliance Title Teacher of the Month, I was in the check out line last night at Albertsons and a fella behind me introduced himself and said he listens all the time! He was a real nice guy! As was the guy at Mels Small Engine repair where I took my lawnmower yesterday to get repaired. Thanks to everyone who posted, it really helped me out a lot! We talked motorcycles and road trips and had a really nice chat. Plus a lady came in and wanted to shadow Janell and learn about radio. We met her at CHS yesterday and she was nice too! It was a great day filled up with nice people that I've never met before and I hope they all have a fantastic day! We got more great music for you today and the trifecta at 7:20 brought to you by Puretone hearing aids. I hope you have a great day today, we got nice weather, and we should launch this rock fest right now!

                2 months ago

                  Mark BoneAnother rocking day here at Classic Rock 102.9 and we here, all of us, at the Bone Radio Network, are chomping at the bit to get you the best in rock music. So lets get it going. Puretone hearing aids bringing your trifecta this morning at 7:20...

                  2 months ago

                    Mark BoneBack at it for another week of great music and info and all the stuff you want when it comes to music. Trifecta coming your way this morning at 7:20 from Puretone hearing aids. Now lets rock this joint!!

                    2 months ago

                      Mark BoneIf you're going to the opening weekend of Coachella, you need to be prepared. Here are A couple of tips for you...

                      If someone hands you something, drink it, smoke it, or huff it. It'll help you through all those no-name bands nobody cares about.

                      Since it's impossible to see all the bands, skip the ones with the pan-flute. After all, there is only one master.

                      2 months ago

                        Mark BoneJagershot Friday here at the BRN!! (you should be celebrating too, cause, well, it's JAGERSHOTS!!) Headed off into the weekend, plenty of great music for you today, a forecast of rain rain and more rain and a R&R Trifecta coming your way from the nice people at Puretone Hearing Aids. Now lets get this deal up and running!!

                        2 months ago

                          Mark BoneHere are five phrases people misuse all the time that can instantly make you sound dumb . . .

                          1. "For all intensive purposes." The correct way to say it is, "For all intents AND purposes." "Intents" as in intentions.

                          2. "I could care less" should be "I COULDN'T care less." If you COULD care less, that means you DO care about something. If you couldn't, then you don't care at all.

                          3. "One in the same" should be "one AND the same." It's a minor difference, and you might be able to get away with it. But technically, "one IN the same" is wrong.

                          4. "Tongue and cheek" should be "tongue IN cheek." It's literally describing a facial expression people make when they're joking. Like if you were trying not to laugh and pushed the side of your cheek out with your tongue.

                          5. "Jive with" should be "JIBE with." "Jibe" means to be in agreement with something. "Jive" is a type of dance, or a way of speaking. (Like the old woman who speaks jive in the movie "Airplane".)

                          People started using the word "jive" in the 1920s. And according to Merriam-Webster, they started confusing it with "jibe" almost immediately. So don't worry too much if you mess that one up.

                          2 months ago

                            Mark BoneLINDSEY BUCKINGHAM will NOT tour with FLEETWOOD MAC this summer, and "Rolling Stone" says it's because he was FIRED.

                            He'll be replaced by Mike Campbell of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Neil Finn of Crowded House.

                            Apparently, they've been jamming with the band for the past two weeks. As for Lindsey, the band just said, quote, "[He] will not be performing with the band on this tour. The band wishes Lindsey all the best."

                            "Rolling Stone" says Lindsay was fired because of some kind of disagreement over the tour.

                            No dates have been announced yet.

                            Lindsey joined the band in 1974, along with Stevie Nicks. He wrote and sang a lot of their popular songs, including "Go Your Own Way", "Tusk", and "Second Hand News". He left in 1987, but rejoined in 1996, and has been with them ever since.

                            2 months ago

                              Mark BoneThis might be one of the worst excuses we've ever heard from a criminal. And that's saying something . . .

                              Cops in Fort Pierce, Florida pulled a car over last month after they saw it swerving around the road.

                              26-year-old Kennecia Posey was the driver. They ended up finding a bag of pot in her purse, and she admitted it was hers. But they also found a bag of cocaine . . .

                              And when they asked her about it, here's what she came up with: She talked about how windy it was that day . . . and said it must have, quote, "flown through the window and into [her] purse." (???)

                              She's facing a misdemeanor charge for the marijuana, and one felony count for possession of cocaine.

                              2 months ago

                                Mark Boneback at it for another week here on this Monday! R&R Trifecta coming your way at 7:20 this morning brought to you by Puretone hearing aids. Ask them about the Phonek models they have. I have the Bluetooth ones and they are epic. Now lets get this rock and roll monster cranked up!!

                                2 months ago

                                  Mark BoneComing up this morning at 9:20 on the BRN Rock Report, the details on these stories:
                                  Ace Frehley To Attend Indiana KISS Expo
                                  Alice Cooper Getting Funko Pop! Toy
                                  Bob Seger Hoping To Return To Touring

                                  3 months ago

                                    Mark BoneBack at it for another week of great music and coos stuff. The Bone Radio Network is live and ready to rock. We have a Puretone hearing aid sponsored trifecta coming your way this morning at 7:20. A rock report at 9:20 and something is going on in Craigmont! and it's not country music! We will have more on that later. Now lets get this thing kick started for more classic rock!!

                                    3 months ago

                                      Mark BoneThere's no RIGHT way to react to losing a bunch of stuff in a divorce . . . but there's definitely a WRONG way. And this is it.

                                      A 41-year-old woman named Adrienne Satterly from Hiram, Georgia is getting divorced, and on Saturday, she found out she was losing her home to her ex.

                                      So around 3:25 A.M. on Sunday, she took her two cats out of the house . . . and set it on FIRE.

                                      But the fire spread . . . and wound up hitting NINETEEN other houses in the neighborhood. Her house burned down, so did three of her neighbors', and the other 16 were damaged.

                                      So now Adrienne is facing 14 counts of felony first-degree arson. Each count is worth between one and 20 years in prison . . . so she could be going away for a long time.

                                      3 months ago

                                        Mark BoneRock Report stuff for Thursday
                                        Thursday, February 22, 2018
                                        The Cars have offered up a demo version of their classic track "Drive." The song first appeared on their 1984 release Heartbeat City and will now be included in a special re-release of the album. The new set is due on March 30. The Cars were recently voted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Ric Ocasek spoke on the odds that the band's original lineup will perform at their induction noting: " There's all kinds of different scenarios we could do. I don't know how, but I assume it would be expected and I'd be prepared for that."
                                        Elton John will reportedly collaborate with Beyoncé for the upcoming soundtrack to the new Lion King reboot. The rock legend was previously confirmed to make contributions to the soundtrack and Queen Bey will provide the voice to the female lead Nala. "They need to have a new end-credits song," John said in an interview with The Sun UK. "We've been speaking to Beyonce's people, and hopefully Tim and I and her can cook up something. That's going out in 2019 as well. And it will be great to work with her.
                                        Jimmy Page has opened up about his future plans and says any extended road stretches are questionable at this time. He noted that it's possible he may continue to tour solo, but anything branded as Led Zeppelin is highly unlikely. "I very much doubt it," Page responded. "You've just got to face facts. We've gone past the 10th anniversary of the O2 [show], where we managed to do one serious concert. That's the only thing that we've done for such a long time, so I very much doubt we'll do anything else. I really think the time has gone."

                                        3 months ago

                                          Mark BoneOlympics Highlights: The U.S. Had a Huge Day Thanks to Our Female Athletes

                                          FULL STORY: Great days at this year's Winter Olympics have been hard to come by for the U.S. But yesterday was our best day by FAR. And the WOMEN did most of the heavy lifting. Here are some highlights . . .

                                          1. The U.S. women's hockey team played Canada in the Gold medal game last night and WON it in a SHOOTOUT. The last time we won was in 1998. Canada took the Gold in 2002, 2006, 2010, and 2014.

                                          2. Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins became the first American women to EVER medal in cross-country skiing at the Olympics . . . and it was a GOLD medal. They won the team sprint event by TWO-TENTHS of a second.

                                          Jessie is 26. Kikkan is 35 and the only MOM on the U.S. Olympic team this year. She has a 22-month-old son, and this is her FIFTH Olympics, but she'd never medaled before. The only other time a U.S. skier medaled in cross-country was in 1976. HOW AWESOME IS THIS MOM!!!!!

                                          3. Freestyle skier David Wise also took GOLD yesterday in men's halfpipe, and fellow American Alex Ferreira won the Silver.

                                          4. Lauren Gibbs and Elana Meyers Taylor also won a Silver medal in women's bobsled . . . snowboarder Jamie Anderson took Silver in women's big air . . . and the U.S. women's speed skating team won a Bronze in the team pursuit event.

                                          3 months ago

                                            Mark BoneComing up this morning at 9:20 on the BRN Rock Report, the details on these stories:
                                            Elton John Buddies up with Beyonce
                                            New Led Zeppelin? Probably not…
                                            But…New Cars. Sort of…

                                            3 months ago

                                              Mark BoneWell good morning on this national Margarita day!! More great stuff for you this morning here on the Bone Radio Network! I get to host the Comedy night tonight at Brocks over in town square, so perhaps I'll get paid in margs tonight. Trifecta this morning from the nice folk at Puretone hearing aids n Idaho Street. I went in yesterday just to make a payment and they ended up cleaning them, checking my ears and replacing some stuff. GOOD PEOPLE!! Puretone is at 1850 Idaho street, and I would urge you to stop in and make an appointment to get your hearing checked. if you need aids, that's the BEST place to go. Now, lets get those Margaritas flowing!!

                                              3 months ago

                                                Mark BoneIt's another outstanding day here at Classic Rock 102.9 and the Bone Radio Network. Puretone hearing aids bringing us the trifecta at 7:20 this morning. it IS damn cold today, so bundle up before you go out this morning. Now...lets rock this ship!

                                                3 months ago

                                                  Mark BoneComing up this morning at 9:20 on the BRN Rock Report, the details on these stories:
                                                  Gene Simmons Reveals Plans For New Book
                                                  Jon Bon Jovi Sells NYC Condo
                                                  Lynyrd Skynyrd Joins Volunteer

                                                  4 months ago

                                                    Mark BoneJagershot Friday! You KNOW it's gonna be a great day here at the Bone Radio Network! Trifecta coming your way this morning at 7:20, from the people at Puretone hearing aids, 1850 Idaho st. If you need help with your hearing, they are the family to call. And this afternoon, I get to broadcast live from the R&R RV show and sale from 4 till 6 Now...lets get this rock bidness underway!

                                                    4 months ago

                                                      Mark BoneComing up this morning at 9:20 on the BRN Rock Report, the details on these stories:
                                                      Styx Set For Summer Tour With Joan Jett And Tesla
                                                      Paul McCartney Wins Israel's Wolf Prize
                                                      Steve Miller Band Set To Tour With Peter Frampton

                                                      4 months ago