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Classic Rock 102 9

Classic Rock 102 9

The Valleys only original Classic Rock Station, With new music from classic artists and a showcase for local rock bands.

Mark BoneIt's another outstanding day here at Classic Rock 102.9 and the Bone Radio Network. Puretone hearing aids bringing us the trifecta at 7:20 this morning. it IS damn cold today, so bundle up before you go out this morning. Now...lets rock this ship!

1 day ago

    Mark BoneComing up this morning at 9:20 on the BRN Rock Report, the details on these stories:
    Gene Simmons Reveals Plans For New Book
    Jon Bon Jovi Sells NYC Condo
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Joins Volunteer

    5 days ago

      Mark BoneJagershot Friday! You KNOW it's gonna be a great day here at the Bone Radio Network! Trifecta coming your way this morning at 7:20, from the people at Puretone hearing aids, 1850 Idaho st. If you need help with your hearing, they are the family to call. And this afternoon, I get to broadcast live from the R&R RV show and sale from 4 till 6 Now...lets get this rock bidness underway!

      5 days ago

        Mark BoneComing up this morning at 9:20 on the BRN Rock Report, the details on these stories:
        Styx Set For Summer Tour With Joan Jett And Tesla
        Paul McCartney Wins Israel's Wolf Prize
        Steve Miller Band Set To Tour With Peter Frampton

        6 days ago

          Mark BoneGood morning radio friends! Another great day here at the Bone Radio Network! Got a Puretone Hearing aid trifecta this morning that was from a listeners 1975 high school days!! And we will be talking about our LC pub Crawl as well. And Valentines day with my wonderful Wife yesterday at Bravas and Brocks with their special 5 course dinner was epic on so many fronts. Now...lets rock this joint shall we?

          6 days ago

            Mark BoneValentine's Day is tomorrow . . . and apparently, it's bringing up some very strong feelings in people. Not for their significant other, oh God no . . . about the day itself.

            According to a new survey, 13% of people say Valentine's Day is their favorite holiday.

            But 6% say they hate it . . . and 5% say it's the MOST DEPRESSING day of the year.

            The survey also found that 23% of single women and 7% of single men say they're fine spending tomorrow with their DOG or CAT instead of another person.

            Also, 23% of single people are planning to treat themselves to a nice dinner . . . 21% will watch romantic comedies . . . and 18% will buy themselves a gift. That's not sad at all. Nope. Not sad at all.

            But 3% are taking a VERY different approach. They're planning to either hammer Tinder tomorrow looking for someone . . . or they've already got a date set up from a Tinder match.

            1 week ago

              Mark BoneA lot happened in Day Four of the Winter Olympics in South Korea Some of the events are airing in primetime tonight, and we don't want to spoil anything. But here are four updates from earlier . . .

              1. U.S. snowboarder Chloe Kim crushed everyone in the women's halfpipe to win Gold last night.

              Her first run earned her a 93.75, and no one came close to beating it. But even though she'd already won Gold, she still did her final run . . . and got a 98.25. Fellow American Arielle Gold ended up winning the Bronze.

              2. Shaun White kicked off his fourth Olympics in the men's halfpipe qualifying round last night, and made it into the finals with the top qualifying score on both runs. He qualified with a 93.25, then blew everyone away with a 98.50 on his second run.
              The men's halfpipe finals will air live in primetime tonight.

              3. U.S. speedskater Brittany Bowe just missed out on a medal, finishing 5th in the women's 1,500 meter Long Track event. That's our best finish for any Long Track event in the last eight years. She missed the Bronze by about 1.2 seconds.

              (Brittany still has three more events coming up. She'll compete in the 1,000 meter race today, then the 500m on Sunday, and the Team Pursuit event on Monday.)

              4. As of midnight last night, Norway was still leading the overall medal count with 9 medals. The U.S. was in 5th place with 6 medals, including 3 Gold. (You can check out the updated medal count at

              1 week ago

                Mark BoneHappy Fat Tuesday to you. Let's Drink! WOOOOHOOOO! Anther great day of classics here at the Bone Radio Network. Trifecta at 7:20 from the Puretone hearing aid people at 1850 Idaho st. Speaking of drinking, please go to our DailyFly page and find out all about our upcoming first ever LC Pub Crawl. I'll be in attendance along with Salesdude extradornair Ben. He has be BEST Costume ready to go!. So not let's go and rock this place!

                1 week ago

                  Mark BoneComing up this morning at 9:20 on the BRN Rock Report, the details on these stories:
                  Elton John Adds Tour Dates
                  SpaceX Launches Car Playing Bowie's 'Space Oddity' Into Space
                  Walter Becker's Estate Moves To Dismiss Donald Fagen's Lawsuit

                  1 week ago

                    Mark BoneToday is National Pizza Day. Finally, the one day a year when Americans will eat pizza.

                    Here are some results from a new survey celebrating the "holiday" . . .

                    1. 57% of people say they LOVE pizza . . . 41% say they wouldn't go as far as to say they love it, but they like it a lot . . . and 2% say they hate pizza. How can you hate pizza?

                    2. 30% of us eat pizza at least once a week.

                    3. 22% of us can eat an entire pizza by ourselves.

                    4. Our favorite toppings are: Cheese . . . pepperoni . . . sausage . . . mushrooms . . . bacon . . . onions . . . green peppers . . . black olives . . . Canadian bacon . . . and pineapple.

                    5. And finally, 4% of women say they'd rather eat pizza than have a boyfriend. 3% of men would choose eating pizza over having a girlfriend.

                    1 week ago

                      Mark BoneGood Morning, and welcome to not JUST another day here at the Bonne Radio Network, but National Pizza Day! So it should go without saying what you'll be eating today! And if you work at one of our fine local pizza establishments, feel free to bring us as pepperoni Pizza Pie today! You bet we'll talk up your pizza joint! Got a one artist trifecta on the way this morning at 7:20 courtesy of the great people at Puretone Hearing aids. 1850 Idaho Street. Thanks for the Trifecta, Lee! Now lets rock this Jagershot Friday like we stole it!

                      1 week ago

                        Mark BoneYou'd probably assume that the place serving cheap roast beef sandwiches covered in a mysterious substance called "Arby's Sauce" would be a GROSSER place to eat than a five-star restaurant serving foods you can't pronounce.

                        And you would be wrong.

                        A company called Restaurantware just ran a study where they swabbed a bunch of fast food joints and fancy restaurants and tested those swabs for bacteria. And, yep, the fast food spots were WAY, WAY less infested with germs.

                        They only found an average of around 60,000 traces of bacteria at fast food restaurants, and almost all of them were in the bathrooms.

                        Meanwhile, they found over eight MILLION at the five-star restaurants . . . and those germs weren't just in the bathrooms. Half of them were on the condiments, and about 7% were in the water that was served.

                        But . . . that's not close to as bad as the place you eat most often: Your OWN HOUSE. They found that you've got about 23 million traces of bacteria, split evenly between your bathroom, your condiments, and your water.

                        On the bright side, almost all of the bacteria they found is basically harmless. But still, if any harmful ones slip in, it sure seems like that's least likely to happen if you're eating fast food. So I guess that makes it . . . healthy?

                        2 weeks ago

                          Mark BoneGood Morning! Another Great day filled with the BEST of Classic Rock. Trifecta from Puretone hearing aids coming your way at 7:20 this morning. they are located at 1850 Idaho St. See them today if you think your haring may need a boost! Now, let rock this place!

                          2 weeks ago

                            Mark BoneI just heard that my friend Randy passed away in Mexico. I had known him for many years, as did almost everyone. My heart hurts today. I will miss that kilt. We'll see you on the other side Randy...

                            3 weeks ago

                              Mark BonePizza isn't usually considered a breakfast food . . . at least not once you're out of college. But apparently, it should be.

                              There's a dietician named Chelsey Amer, and she says it would actually be BETTER for you to eat pizza for breakfast instead of cereal.

                              Quote, "You may be surprised to find out that an average slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal with whole milk contain nearly the same amount of calories.

                              "[But] pizza packs a much larger protein punch, which will keep you full . . . throughout the morning. [And it] contains more fat and much less sugar, so you will not experience a quick sugar crash."

                              Now you know. Throw out your cereal and call Domino's tomorrow at 6:00 A.M. Hopefully they're open.

                              For one brief, shining moment, I'm ahead of the pack!!

                              3 weeks ago

                                Mark BoneYet another way bitchin' day here t the Bone Radio Network! Trifecta coming up at 7:20 from the people at Puretone Hearing Aids, Rock Report at 9:20 and an assload of great classic rock music in between! Also, Another ticket to give away for the American Legion Baseball Steak dinner, the 3rd of next month, If you want one, just let me know! Now...Let's rock this joint!

                                3 weeks ago

                                  Mark BoneAnother day of greatness here at the BRN! Got the Trifecta courtesy of Puretone Hearing Aids today at 7:20, and one American Legion Steak Out Dinner ticket to give away For the 3rd of next month. If you would like it, and it's valued at $25, Just let me know. Now lets roll some more of the classics of ROCK!!

                                  3 weeks ago

                                    Mark BoneGood morning and welcome to another day here at the Bone Radio Network. Great classics of the time when there was rock and no gawddamn rap. WTF was that Grammy awards show about?!?! I had to keep watching because it was like a car wreck! You didn’t want to see a dead body strewn out of the wreckage, but you kinda did!! When the musical highlight was the In Memorium reel...

                                    3 weeks ago

                                      Mark BoneIf your email address is "", you know people will judge you for it, right? Not the "Hanson Luvr" part . . . we're all on board with that. Hanson rules. They're judging you for the "" part. Get with the times, sir.

                                      A car insurance company in England called Admiral was just caught quoting HIGHER RATES to people with Hotmail email addresses than Gmail ones.

                                      And Admiral is actually DEFENDING that policy . . . because they say their research has shown that the kind of people who still use Hotmail get into MORE ACCIDENTS than people with more modern email addresses.

                                      I print that this morning to say good morning and if you need something send me an email, And to those assholes in England, it's been so long since I've had an accident that no one had e-mail addresses. Just another reason that we succeeded from those scumbags in the first place.

                                      The Bone Radio Network rocks on!

                                      3 weeks ago

                                        Mark BoneJust got our Puretone Hearing Aid Rock and Roll Trifecta request in for tomorrow! Awesome! it is a win, place and show from the same rock band. That's all I'll say right now. But be sure to tune in tomorrow morning at 7:20. And hear to Puretone to get your hearing back on track!

                                        4 weeks ago

                                          Mark BoneAl Stewart, Heart, and Michael Murphy. Todays trifecta from the FB email! Thanks again to Puretone for bringing it to you, and to Marlynn for making it!

                                          4 weeks ago

                                            Mark BoneOk...nobody brought us pie yesterday for national pie day, Phil ad I chalked that up to people mistaking Pie for Pi. ( i see that coming back again on March 14th...) That's what we're going with. But how can ya not bring us this today?

                                            Yesterday was National Pie Day. But if you missed it, or you want to use another fake holiday as an excuse to gorge yourself, good news . . . today is National Peanut Butter Day. Who knew?

                                            Anyway, a new survey asked the biggest peanut butter question of all: Are you a CHUNKY or SMOOTH person? And . . . 72% of people say they prefer smooth. Men are more likely to prefer chunky than women.

                                            As for our favorite brands, Jif is number one . . . Skippy is number two . . . and Peter Pan is number three.

                                            I tried the powdered peanut butter the other day. While it's ok, but is missing that creamy peanut oil fat, it is very, very messy. Be sure to eat it in the shower...

                                            4 weeks ago

                                              Mark BoneAnother damn fine day here at the Bone Radio Network! Thanks as always for joining us this morning! Trifecta coming up at 7:20 courtesy of those great people at Puretone hearing aids. 1850 Idaho St. Call today and get your hearing checked! Hearing aids are not nearly as weird or life ending as you may think. Last night, I went to bed and forgot to take mine out! 746-6068 to make your appointment! Lets rock this joint!

                                              4 weeks ago

                                                Mark BoneIt's good to see so many people hitting the streets to rally behind something so important.

                                                On Sunday, approximately 100 people gathered in Montgomery, Alabama to hold a candlelight vigil . . . for a Taco Bell that burned down last week.

                                                They gathered in the Arby's parking lot, next to where the Taco Bell used to stand.

                                                They held candles, there was a musical performance, and everyone talked about how the other restaurants in the area couldn't meet their needs.

                                                One woman said, quote, "Waffle House is open, but if you really want to get full, you've got to have 10 dollars . . . [and] sometimes they're out of waffles. Taco Bell, they're never out of tortillas."

                                                Fortunately, no one was hurt when the Taco Bell burned down. The owners say they were, quote, "overwhelmed" by the vigil and they're planning to rebuild and reopen as soon as possible.

                                                But hopefully they do before their fans really DO move on. After the vigil was over, a lot of the people who attended headed into the Arby's to grab some food.

                                                I hope the healing starts soon...

                                                By the way, it's national pie day today...just sayin'..,baybe you're driving by the station at 403 Capital St. with a pie...could happen...

                                                4 weeks ago

                                                  Mark BoneThe Christian Broadcasting Network gave President Trump an A on his "evangelical report card." They were especially impressed by his "missionary" work with Stormy Daniels.

                                                  4 weeks ago

                                                    Mark BoneToday is National Pie Day. How convenient that it's scheduled RIGHT when most of us have completely abandoned our New Year's resolutions to get healthy.

                                                    A survey in honor of this very important and very real holiday asked people to name their favorite type of pie. And here are the results . . .

                                                    1. Apple, 19%.

                                                    2. Pumpkin, 17%.

                                                    3. Chocolate, 16%.

                                                    4. Pecan, 13%.

                                                    5. Cherry, 8%.

                                                    6. Lemon meringue, 6%.

                                                    7. Strawberry, 5%.

                                                    8. Blueberry, 4%.

                                                    The survey also found that if someone is serving pie, 44% buy it from a store . . . 30% buy the crust but make the filling . . . and 26% make it from scratch.

                                                    Feel free to bring us pie, if you're out and about...

                                                    4 weeks ago

                                                      Mark Boneyet another awesome rock day here at the Bone Radio Network! Trifecta on the way at 7:20 from the people at Pure Tone Hearing Aids, Got a triple shot request on the way! ]

                                                      4 weeks ago

                                                        Mark BoneAnother awesome day here at the home office of the Bone Radio Network! R&R Trifecta coming up at 7:20 this morning coming to you courtesy of Pure Tone Hearing Aids. 1850 Idaho St. if you have a triple shot you need, let us know!

                                                        1 month ago

                                                          Mark BoneBADASS!!
                                                          I hope I'm this badass when I'm 73. I mean, I wasn't when I was 23, but you can learn to be tough . . . right?

                                                          A 73-year-old beet farmer named Jim in West Gippsland, Australia was riding his motorbike last month looking for grasshoppers on his farm when he hit a divot and went flying over his handlebars.

                                                          He landed on his head and broke his neck.

                                                          And when he realized he was still alive, he knew he had to get himself home so he could call for help. But because of his broken neck, his head wouldn't stay up.

                                                          So he grabbed his hair to hold his head up straight, got back on his bike, and drove himself more than a quarter of a mile back to his house in excruciating pain. Then he called for help.

                                                          He was taken to the hospital, where they found he had two fractured vertebrae. He had surgery, and now he's expected to make a full recovery.

                                                          1 month ago

                                                            Mark BoneRock Report stuff for Wednesday, January 17 2017

                                                            Film-maker Thom Zimny is set to direct an as yet untitled documentary on "The Man In Black," Johnny Cash. News of the upcoming documentary on the country legend comes a day ahead of the 50th anniversary of his famous concert at Folsom Prison, which was the basis for his record shattering concert album, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison.

                                                            Journey has teased that they may soon be planning to announce a tour with Def Leppard. The comment came via an Instagram post in which Neal Schon announced his guest appearance on the G3 tour.The comments contradict those from Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen, however, as he recently noted: "I don't think that tour is gonna happen. It's something that's been talked about, but I'm not sure anything has ever really been finalized. But I hope that, you know, we'll get to hear something in the not-too-distant future."

                                                            Gibson presented the final version of a rare limited edition guitar to Slash during the recent Consumer Electronics Show. The guitar was conceived after Slash used a similar prototype during the recent Guns N' Roses reunion tour and now an ultra low run of them will be offered to the public. They add: "Both the Flame Top and the Plain Top models are available signed by Slash but a greater quantity of unsigned Plain Tops will be available as well."

                                                            1 month ago