Recreational shooters: Know your target to protect nongame birds

By Brian Pearson, Conservation Public Information Specialist

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Spring is a popular season for recreational shooters in southwest Idaho, but it’s also a critical time of year for a number of nongame bird species that nest in, or are commonly found in, popular shooting areas. While the majority of hunters and recreational shooters follow the law, Fish and Game officials remind shooters they are likely to encounter protected nongame birds, and to be sure of their target while out in the field.

Terrifying Fish Washes up on California Beach

Something out of the pits of hell.

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CALIFORNIA - A terrifying blackfish washed up on a California beach this week, and boy is it ugly! The fish is called a 'Football Fish', otherwise known as an 'Angler Fish'. Experts say we've explored roughly 10% of our oceans, and with monstrous creatures like this lurking beneath the depths, maybe it's best that it stays that way!

LISTEN: Idaho Education News Talks with Brad little

Idaho Education News

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A wild and record-setting 2021 legislative session came to an end this week.

And across Idaho, a turbulent and challenging school year is coming to a conclusion.

This week, we sit down with Gov. Brad Little to recap the session and the school year — and take a look ahead.

We talk about what he thinks of Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin’s school indoctrination task force, launching later this month; the new influx of federal stimulus money; and helping students catch up after the pandemic.

AG Ferguson files lawsuit against “patent troll” targeting small businesses

AG Fergusuon News Release

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OLYMPIA — Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit against Landmark Technology A for its predatory “patent troll” practices that harm small businesses. Landmark unlawfully sent threatening letters in bad faith to more than 1,000 small businesses nationwide. In the letters, it demanded $65,000 in patent licensing fees. When five Washington small businesses refused to pay, Landmark sued them. The businesses settled to avoid the expense of a lawsuit.


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