Wilson Boots Running For Mayor of Lewiston
Marisa Lloyd

Wilson Boots Running For Mayor of Lewiston

City of Lewiston Elections

LEWISTON – Wilson Boots is running for the Mayor of Lewiston under the Strong Mayor form of government and has made medical freedoms the forefront of his campaign.

Boots has been a Lewiston resident for approximately 30 years. He originally moved here simply for the way of life. The manufacturing portion of the town, as well as, the opportunity for hunting and fishing.

“Lewiston has people that can do anything,” said Boots. “From farmers to manufactures, we feed the world. People here get up and grind it out 365 days a year which is something I will always respect”.

Deciding to run for Mayor was not something Boots thought he would do, however, he felt that there was a need that he could fill for the average citizen. He first got into politics about a year and a half ago when mask mandates were first being discussed in Lewiston.

Instead of sitting at home and being upset about what was going on, Boots organized a protest at city hall in a matter of 20 hours.

Boots is running for the strong Mayor position (voting NO on Proposition One) to try and make the ballot less confusing for the average voter and only have his name in one spot.  He also stated he has a vision for Lewiston that he believed needs to happen for the growth of the city.

The most important issue to Boots is how the COVID -19 pandemic has been handled. As Mayor, Boots plans to stand against any mask or vaccine mandates and fight for Lewiston citizens' medical freedoms. Under the strong mayor position, he is able to do this with local ordinances.

“If we don’t have the freedom of what goes into our veins, we don’t have freedom,” said Boots. “Employees are not slaves, we should let people decide for themselves if they want to be vaccinated instead of forcing people to lose their jobs”.

Boots is also running on the idea of transparency. He believes that City Council meetings should be open to any individual who wants to join and every voice should be heard. Boots went on to explain that it is the cities job to inform their residents about what is going on and currently, individuals are being left in the dark.

“I used to wonder how Nazi Germany happened,” said Boots. “Now, watching what is happening in this country and even within the state. I see it happening here. Legally we have the right to go to City Council Meetings and listen to what is being said. Right now we are being locked out”.

Taxes are also an issue Boots plans to tackle as Mayor of Lewiston. He believes that spending currently is not focused on what it should be to ensure citizens have the lowest taxes possible. If elected, Boots plans to focus more on bringing new businesses to town, specifically food manufacturing.

In the event of a crisis, Boots wants to have the recourses to feed and operate the town without having to outsource. In times of economic downturn, Boots mentioned food and resources are always stable and a necessity.

“Having an emergency plan is essential,” said Boots. “I have talked with the Emergency Planners, and they just plan to use the food banks. I want to make sure there isn’t pandemonium in time of tragedy”.

To keep up to date with Boots and his campaign go to his Facebook facebook.com/wbootsformayor/

or his website https://bootsformayor.com/

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