Susie Whitlow Running for Lewiston City Council
Marisa Lloyd

Susie Whitlow Running for Lewiston City Council

Susie Whitlow

LEWISTON – Susie Whitlow is running for Lewiston City Council to help the citizens of Lewiston feel protected and have their voices heard.

Being outdoors is in Whitlow’s blood. She loves to hunt, fish, and everything in between. Whitlow has also worked just about every job under the sun, which helps her understand what it is like to be a working citizen. She has been a truck driver, server worked in an accounting office, and much more.

Whitlow, like many, never thought she would end up running for City Council, however, when she saw a need within the city she decided to fill it,

“I am not a politician,” said Whitlow. “I just got tired of saying someone needed to do something. I know there is something very wrong with Lewiston’s government and the citizens need to be taken care of”.

If elected to City Council, Whitlow stated she will do whatever it takes to defend the City of Lewiston citizens and business. She plans to bring more small businesses back into Lewiston and to support farmers and ranchers so we are able to supply food for the community in times of crisis.

Whitlow is also very passionate about preserving the medical freedoms of Lewiston citizens. If elected to City Council, Whitlow promised to vote against any mask or vaccine mandates for employees or citizens.

“It is against our rights and freedoms,” said Whitlow. “It should be an individual’s choice, we can all take care of our own health. With the mandates we have now, we are on our way to communism.”

Transparency within the city government is also very important to Whitlow. She believes that every citizen of Lewiston should be allowed to have their voice heard. As a City Councilwoman, Whitlow plans to remove legal jargon from all permits and agendas written by City Council so the average person can understand them.

Whitlow goes on to mention that there needs to be an open way to communicate with citizens and promises voters if she is asked a question she will always answer it.

When it comes to Proposition One Whitlow urges voters to vote NO so Lewiston can receive an elected mayor. She also mentioned she fully supports Willison Boots for Mayor.

“He has ideas and plans that are going to benefit the citizens,” said Whitlow. “We have a very similar outlook on what needs to be done”. 

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