Ada Eldridge Running for Lewiston City Council
Marisa Lloyd

Ada Eldridge Running for Lewiston City Council

Ada Eldridge for City Council

LEWISTON – Ada Eldridge is running for Lewiston City Council to help eliminate the division within the city and make the community whole again. 

Being a Lewiston resident for the last 20 years, there was not a single thing about the city that Eldridge does not appreciate. Between the weather, the beautiful river, how willing citizens are to jump in and help others when there is a problem, and everything in between. 

Running for City Council was not something Eldridge anticipated to do. Originally she started dipping her toes into the political world when mask mandates were being discussed within the current City Council.

“After all the digging I had done for fighting the mask mandates I realized I needed to do something more,” said Eldridge. “My motivation is the division that has taken place in our town and I feel that I am the person that can bring the community back together”. 

Eldridge does not consider herself the typical political candidate. She defines herself as a regular Lewiston citizen, a mom, and a grandmother. With experience working with individuals in challenging situations, Eldridge went on to explain no one understands what the average citizen within the city needs more than an average citizen. 

One of the biggest issues Eldridge plans to tackle is community involvement. If elected to City Council, Eldridge wants to form a town hall meeting so individuals can be better informed on what the council is doing. With this, Eldridge believes that there will be a council member that can help explain the issue right then and there, however, if not it would be an opportunity to hand out a business card and open the line of communication. 

“The community should be able to feel like their problems are being heard,” said Eldridge. “If I have to sit there for 8 hours to make sure everyone has a chance to speak I will”. 

Looking at the budget requests within the city is also a top priority of Eldridge. This is a way to lower taxes for Lewiston citizens. Eldridge believes that a budget should last more than one year and property owners should not take all the burden to fund things that are not essential. 

With the issues surrounding COVID – 19, Eldridge believes City Council needs to take things seriously. She mentioned there should be relief money going to businesses, individuals, and families that have been seriously impacted by the virus instead of to the city. She also went on to explain that we still need to have the freedom of choice when it comes to masks and vaccines. 

“I understand there is a virus, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have freedom of choice,” said Eldridge. “We are the USA, I will fight for freedoms and I will never vote for a mandate”. 

When it comes to the ballot, Eldridge encourages voters to inform themselves on both sides of Proposition One. She mentioned there are good points for both sides and she wants people to simply have the opportunity to choose. Eldridge does however fully endorse Wilson Boots for Mayor.

“Wilson is a great man,” said Eldridge. “He is full of integrity and wants what is best for the town”. 

To learn more about Eldridge and her ideas for Lewiston, follow along with her on Facebook at 

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