Kathy Schroeder Running for Re-Election to Lewiston City Council
Marisa Lloyd

Kathy Schroeder Running for Re-Election to Lewiston City Council

Kathy Schroeder

LEWISTON – As a 5th generation Lewiston resident, Kathy Schroeder is running for re-election on City Council to further her goals of the city’s growth.

Lewiston has always held a special place in Schroeder’s life. She loves all the activities and the tourism that the city has to offer, however, her favorite part is how well-rounded the community itself is.

Schroeder has a passion for helping the community. For 5 years she and her husband dressed in costumes and greeted over 9,000 people in their home in the historical section of Normal Hill, as they were a destination on the hop-on-hop-off cruise.

She also served as a member of the Planning and Zoning committee and helped for 8 years with hard work and tenacity to set up the preservation area at Normal Hill.

“I personally went door to door answering questions and handed things out to get signatures,” said Schroeder. “When it finally passed City Council, I figured I have great ideas and a desire to help the community in a bigger way so I decided to run. Now, four years later I still love it so much I wanted to run again”.

Schroeder goes on to mention that there is still unfinished business she would like to see through. When it comes to bigger projects like growing tourism, she mentions four years is just not enough time.

The downtown waterfront was the main issue Schroeder campaigned for four years ago. As there have been great strides in reaching her goals, such as removing railroad tracks, working with businesses to free up some space in the waterfront area, and much more. She mentioned there is still work to be done.

“I want to see the area grow,” said Schroeder. “We have the full potential to see multi-use lofts, apartments, upper-scale condos, and great business downtown to attract tourists”.

Homelessness is the next issue Schroeder plans to continue working on if re-elected to the City Council. On the Planning and Zoning committee, she originally started working on defining the various standards shelters would need to operate by. Now, as a member of the City Council, she plans to continue working to further the operations of shelters.

Out of everything, Schroeder believes voting YES on Proposition One, for a City Manager, is the way to continue to solve problems within the city and stay transparent to community members.

“I don’t know many people in Lewiston that have experience overseeing a 100 million dollar budget,” said Schroeder. “We need someone with good qualifications to have the responsibility. Our government now is about as transparent as it can get”.

To follow along with Schroeder and learn more about her views follow along with her Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KathySchroederForCouncil

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