Kassee Forsmann Running For Lewiston City Council
Marisa Lloyd

Kassee Forsmann Running For Lewiston City Council

Kassee Forsmann

LEWISTON – Kassee Forsmann is running for Lewiston City Council so community members can have their voices heard. 

Forsmann moved to Lewiston in 2012 when her husband got out of the Marines and wanted to be next to his family. She quickly fell in love with the beauty of the city and the way community members come together when people are in need.

Currently, Forsmann works at SEL and embodies the values of her company at work every day. One of the biggest she believes will bleed into a position within City Council, if elected, is listening and communicating. 

Forsmann has also dedicated herself to volunteering and giving back to her community. Between cleaning up the Waha and other roads in the community, the Forsmann’s adopt a family every Christmas, and much more. 

One of the biggest issues Forsmann will strive to improve if elected to City Council is, bringing business into Lewiston. She went on to explain that kids no longer have a place to socialize, and parents have to leave Lewiston to buy their children clothes. 

“Having businesses here will build the local economy,” said Forsmann. “People in the valley want things to do with their kids. We could keep our money in the valley if we had places to spend it. We have so many avenues to get products in, there is no reason we should not be getting new businesses”. 

Transparency and accountability is also very important to Forsmann. If elected to City Council. She plans to get community members more involved with what is happening in meetings by sending out weekly newsletters and surveys to community members. 

These will outline what is going on at each meeting so individuals can plan accordingly if they would like to come. Then, the surveys would ask for feedback on certain issues before they are decided on within the council.  

“I want to ensure that community members have the opportunity to be engaged,” said Forsmann. “I want to know what the communities vision for the valley is before I vote on anything to change that”. 

To learn more about Forsmann and follow along with her campaign check out her Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100072149443715

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