Cherie Wiik Running For The Lewiston School Board
Marisa Lloyd

Cherie Wiik Running For The Lewiston School Board

Cherie Wiik

LEWISTON – Cherie Wiik is running for the Lewiston School Board to further advocate for kids and families in the valley.

Wiik has roots deeper than most in the valley and has a desire to ensure all children here are taken care of. Starting out her teaching experience at Clarkston High School, Wiik worked with students as a testing coordinator and tutor.

“This position was such a bright spot for me,” said Wiik. “Watching those kids walk across the stage to get their diplomas, knowing I was able to help them was such a rewarding experience”.

Later, Wiik moved on to teach 4th graders at Highland Elementary school. This is where her passion shines through and her real spark to run for school board occurred. Every day Wiik mentions she feels so rewarding helping struggling students.

“We aren’t just a building at Highland,” said Wiik. “We are a family. Every day we work to make sure students and families feel connected to us. I feel so blessed to be a part of the network of support I see every day”.

With a passion for lifelong learning and a love for her Highland family as a whole, Wiik is running for the Lewiston School Board to advocate for the kids, families, and educators that need it most. If elected, Wiik wants to be immersive in the community and ask the tough questions to see what families need.

“We need to figure out what is going on,” said Wiik. “Being approachable and having those difficult conversations is essential so you are aware of issues and can follow up afterward”.

Transparency is another issue Wiik plans to tackle if elected to the School Board. She believes that families deserve to know what is going on within their classroom, as they are the child’s first educators. She went on to explain that if parents know what is going on, teachers will naturally be more unbiased, increasing learning within classrooms.

Children themselves are who Wiik believes need to be advocated for the most. She mentioned that she believes the current school board has done a great job with getting kids back into classrooms and coming back from the loss of learning. Wiik mentioned if elected to School Board she would want to continue this fight because the child learns best in the classroom.

Mental health is another issue that Wiik believes needs to be addressed within the school board. She mentioned that suicide rates in Idaho are significantly higher in children, teens, and young adults.

“We need to educate ourselves on what the warning signs are so we can identify when it is happening,” said Wiik. “A lot of times it is not the ones crying out, it is the reversed situation”.

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