Brandon Huffaker Running for Lewiston City Council
Marisa Lloyd

Brandon Huffaker Running for Lewiston City Council

Brandon Huffaker

LEWISTON – Brandon Huffaker is running for Lewiston City Council to grow the infrastructure in Lewiston and see the city succeed long term.

Huffaker currently works for Sun Run Solar and has lived in Lewiston for about 25 years, however, he has also lived in bigger cities in Utah. This gives Huffaker a deeper understanding of what needs to be done for Lewiston’s infrastructure so the city doesn’t end up in trouble long term. 

In the future, Huffaker mentioned that a transition to electric cars is inevitable and when that occurs, fewer people will go to the pump. This means there will no longer be a gas tax fund to go towards roads, parks, and other various forms of infrastructure. 

“Electricity is the direction the world is going and I can help,” said Huffaker. “I don’t want that for Lewiston, if we can get ahead of the issue, we will not have to place as much of a burden on taxpayers in the future”. 

Mostly, Huffaker wants to focus on improving roads, sewer, and water pipes. He went on to explain there is a way to improve everything without upsetting too many residences. Huffaker wants to start with small sections, work on what is underground, then improve the road on top. This will avoid redoing and construction in one area and keep work flowing throughout the city. 

Transparency is another issue that Huffaker has a new take on. If elected to City Council, he wants to bring in a third party office, not influenced by political parties to investigate what is going on within City Council. This will ensure every member is held accountable and is doing their job correctly. 

Another aspect of Lewiston Huffaker wants to grow is businesses within the city. As the son of a small business owner in Lewiston, Huffaker mentioned local businesses are a core piece to the operation of the city. 

“You can’t drive out the businesses that do a professional service,” said Huffaker. “Those are the businesses that cannot be replaced by big corporations. We need to protect and help them within local government”. 

Huffaker went on to explain that population growth has a direct correlation. He explained that in order to get people to move to Lewiston and stay here, there need to be businesses for individuals to work and enjoy.  

“I like to ask people if they see Lewiston looking the same in 20 years,” said Huffaker. “If their answer is yes then we have a problem, it shouldn’t look the same. We should be growing. I am about working smarter and addressing Lewiston’s issues now”. 

Those wanting to learn more about Huffaker and follow along with his campaign, follow him on Facebook at

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