Bob Blakey Running for Lewiston Mayor and City Council
Marisa Lloyd

Bob Blakey Running for Lewiston Mayor and City Council

Bob Blakey

LEWISTON – Bob Blakey is running for Lewiston Mayor and City Council to continue his work in local government. 

With eight years on City Council and 29 years working for D.A Davidson, Blakey believes he is the only individual with the expertise to be the mayor of Lewiston. However, he encourages individuals to vote “YES” on Proposition One for an Unelected Mayor. This is why he is running for both positions. 

“Our current form of government is a good form,” Blakey said. “I am only running for mayor if the citizens decide they want a change. I am the only one who has experienced enough to do the job and the only person who understands how to handle a budget, after managing millions of dollars at D.A Davidson”. 

In terms of money within the city, Blakey mentioned that the levy rate is the lowest it has been since 1985, however, he had no comment on the current rise in property taxes.

If elected to either position he is running for, Blakey explained his top priority is safety within the community. His only plan to increase safety within the City is to continue to support police and fire. 

“Officers will tell you I have supported cops,” Blakey said. “When officers introduce me they say ‘he is pro cop’. I have even voted for pay raises and for new equipment requests”. 

In regards to COVID-19, Blakey believes that the mask mandates is a battle they have lost, however, he encourages everyone to get vaccinated. When it comes to mandating the vaccine, he mentioned he would support it if the Governor mandated it.

Blakey went on to explain there is not much he believes needs to change within Lewiston. He believes that the government is fully transparent and they have done a great job handling issues that have recently surfaced. 

In terms of population growth and tourism within the City, Blakey also believes City Council currently is doing all that can be done. 

"Our current government has done a great job with all issues," Blakey said. "You have to surround yourself with smart people and for work to continue to get done, the current administration needs to stay in place'.

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