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Theatre acting classes for individuals with disabilities

Event date: 3/21/2016 4:00 PM - 4/20/2016 6:30 PM Export event

Theatre acting classes for children and adults with disabilities
Kids and adults with disabilities are encouraged to sign up for free theatre acting classes. Kid’s classes will be held on Mondays beginning on March 21 and will meet for 5 weeks through April 18, 2016. Theatre Acting Classes for adults will meet on Wednesdays beginning March 23 and meet weekly for 5 weeks until April 20, 2016.

Classes will begin at 4:30PM and will last 1 hour 30 minutes. The classes will take place at Forge Theatre on the University of Idaho campus (404 Sweet Avenue, Moscow, ID). Registration form can be downloaded from the Families Together website at Registration will close on March 15 or when the class size has reached 16 individuals, so respond quickly.

The kids and adults will do a performance at the Kenworthy to showcase their talents on April 22, 2016 beginning at 7:00PM.
The classes are being sponsored by Families Together and Artists Striving to End Poverty (ASTEP). Parents, professionals, and researchers are always searching for new ways to help individuals with disabilities, and there is a growing interest in using theatre to do so. Theatre activities can be used to teach emotion recognition, non-verbal behaviors and gestures, listening skills, eye contact, conversation skills, strategies to handle social situations, and other social skills.

Particular features of theatre-based strategies make them especially useful when working with individuals with disabilities:
-The theatre is a safe place for individuals to try new things/make mistakes
-Theatre is inherently fun and motivating
-Theatre is highly STRUCTURED (an actor has prescribed lines and actions)
-Theatre strategies are usually inexpensive (just need an idea, space, and time)

Theatre activities allow for repeated practice of specific skills i.e. appropriate responses in conversation, recognizing nonverbal facial expressions of others, both positive and negative, suitable greetings and farewells, initiating friendships and conversations with others, introducing others, conversational tones and appropriate voice volume, manners and conversational etiquette, accepting help and giving and receiving compliments.

Families Together is a nonprofit organization that believes family involvement and support are essential for individuals with disabilities to reach their potential and maintain a life that is secure and meaningful. Families Together’s programs are designed to build and sustain strong, healthy, informed, and actively involved family members who can work together to improve the lifelong outcomes for their child or sibling with a disability. ASTEP believes that access to the arts is essential to children’s academic and social success. From improving reading comprehension to advancing creative thinking, from teaching problem solving to fostering collaboration, access to the arts brings about significant improvements in children’s educational and social development.
Contact Denise Wetzel at 208-874-7891 or email for more information.


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