Ol’ Crimson streak in Danger



Pullman, WA - WSU’s flag Ol’ Crimson has flown at ESPN’s College Gameday for every episode since 2003. The flag’s presence has become a staple of the program, so much so that the entire college football world is aware of the tradition. The beloved tradition’s streak of College Gameday appearances is apparently in danger of ending. 

The first episode of College Gameday for 2019 takes place on August 24th, in Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando Florida, and Disney has a policy that prohibits flags from entering into the park.  

“We want to be respectful of Disney’s rules and make sure we’re compliant with them, but we’re also pretty creative. Working on a few things, just keep your eyes open.” Ol’ Crimson week-to week manager CJ McCoy told KREM2. 

Ol’ Crimson has had close calls before. In 2015, the flag was lost in transit on the way to Tucson. ESPN saved the day however, and shipped a WSU flag that they normally display in the network’s cafeteria overnight to the Gameday set, and all was well. 

The news that Ol’ Crimson may not be allowed into Disney’s Magic Kingdom has spread to the point where even Las Vegas is taking bets on whether the flag will be allowed to enter the park. Vegas seems to think that Ol’ Crimson’s streak will continue on.


  • Yes         minus-400

  • No          plus-250

  • (For those unfamiliar with sports betting, minus-400 means you would need to bet $400 to get $100 back, while plus-250 means you would get $250 on a $100 bet).

Here’s hoping Ol’ Crimson will fly this Saturday… Maybe ESPN can lend the Cougs a helping hand again?  


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