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Please get your Idaho Tax Forms using the instructions below

Event ID:251920384
Start Date:March 19, 2021
End Date:March 21, 2021
Location:1229 BURRELL AVE
LEWISTON, ID 83501-0000
1.     Go to and under “Other Services” click “Temporary Sellers and Promoters.”
2.     Choose “Seller” on the next page and then click “Next.”
3.     Choose “Temporary” on the next page and then click “Next.”
4.     On the following page enter the Event ID (shown above) then click “Next.”
5.     On the next page enter your seller information, click “Next,” and then verify your information.
6.     When you reach the Confirmation page, you're notified that you've been sent an email with the information you need in order to participate in this sales event including a form to display.