Pitch Hit and Run 2019 Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Pitch, Hit & Run event on Sunday May 5th. We had a great turn out and hope to only grow from here. Below you will find the winners for each category, as well as some information on how advancement in the competition works.

The number of participants advancing in each division age will vary. The following competitors will advance in each division age group: All-Around Champion, Pitching Champion, Hitting Champion, and Running Champion.

Please note that one child may win every category, in which case only that competitor would advance for that division age group. For another example, the Pitching Champion may also be the Running Champion. If this is the case, only that competitor will advance for both categories. Second place participants will not advance just because one person wins more than one category.

In addition, you may have ties for the Pitching, Hitting or Running Champion (most common in Pitching) - in that scenario, everyone who tied for 1st will advance (unless competitors tie for 1st with the minimum score of 50 points, in which case they would not advance based on that skill).

Below are the winners that will be moving on to sectionals. Emails have been sent to winners with sectional information.

Softball ages 7/8
All-Around Champ: Adison Johnson
Run Champ: Adison Johnson

Softball ages 9/10
All-Around Champ: Savannah Heath
Run Champ: Savannah Heath

Softball ages 11/12
All-Around Champ: Kiya Soza
Hit Champ: Kiya Soza
Pitch Champ: Kiya Soza
Run Champ: Layla Johnson (Tied)
Run Champ: Kiya Soza (Tied)

Baseball ages 7/8
All-Around Champ: Kaden Town
Pitch Champ: Hoyt Stigum (Tied)
Pitch Champ: Kaden Town (Tied)
Run Champ: Kaden Town

Baseball ages 9/10
All-Around Champ: Braylon Howland
Hit Champ: Preston Nugen & Kendry Gimlin
Pitch Champ: Braylon Howland
Run Champ: Gunnar Holland

Baseball ages 11/12
All-Around Champ: Brody Emerich
Hit Champ: Ash Emerich
Pitch Champ: Brody Emerich
Run Champ: Ash Emerich

Baseball ages 13/14
All-Around Champ: Race Currin
Hit Champ: Race Currin
Pitch Champ: Deven Morgan
Run Champ: Trenton Lorentz

Please email colleent@pacempire.com if you have any questions moving forward with the competition.