Local Singer & Substance Abuse Speaker Faces Misdemeanor Charges Following Alleged Break-in Early Thanksgiving Day
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Local Singer & Substance Abuse Speaker Faces Misdemeanor Charges Following Alleged Break-in Early Thanksgiving Day

LEWISTON, ID - A 37-year-old Lewiston man who allegedly broke into a Wallowa County cabin and a woman's Lewiston apartment over a period of several hours during the Thanksgiving holiday is facing three misdemeanor counts.  Chad Bramlet, who is well known in the region as a singer and substance abuse speaker, was arrested by Lewiston Police early on November 23rd.  A pretrial hearing that was scheduled this week in Lewiston's Magistrate Court was continued until January 30th.

According to police documents, Bramlet had ransacked a residence just inside the Oregon border after driving up the Snake and Grande Ronde Rivers on November 22nd.  No charges were filed in that case and Alicia Bramlet says they worked with the homeowner and paid for the damages.

Bramlet was taken to St. Joseph Regional Medical Center's emergency room later that evening and was seen by a doctor and evaluated by a member of the crisis care team.  Following that evaluation, Bramlet left the hospital against medical advice at approximately 10:45 p.m. and returned home.  At that time, Lewiston Police were notified by nursing staff.

Approximately two-and-a-half hours later, Lewiston Police Officer Tanisha Early was dispatched to the 2300 block of 14th Street for what was described as a "mental subject" who was walking down 14th Street.  Bramlet's wife, Alicia, told dispatchers that he was going through other people's property and had kicked the door in of an unknown apartment.  This was at about 1:20 a.m.

"She could hear screaming between the resident and Chad," Earl's report says.

When Earl arrived on scene, Alicia pointed north on 14th Street and stated that Chad was running down the street.  Earl made contact with Chad in the 2300 block of 14th Street, "where he was uncooperative and did not obey my commands.  When ordered to sit, he sat down on the sidewalk for a brief moment and then he began screaming and yelling.  He was not making coherent sentences."

Earl added that after warning Bramlet that she could possibly Taser him, he stood up and began walking northbound on 14th Street.

Alicia had caught up to them and was attempting to speak to her husband.

"Alicia pleaded with Chad which appeared to upset him.  He was in an obvious confused state of mind where he was not able to think reasonably," Earl says in her report.  "Chad was very agitated and aggressive.  He informed me that he had been to the mountain top and that he has seen the [Father]."

Bramlet began to run down the street, Earl says.

"At this time I observed my cover officer, Sgt. [Craig] Roberts in the 2100 block of 14th Street. I ordered Chad to stop multiple times and as I got closer to him he turned toward me and came at me in a fast and aggressive manner. In fear for my safety I drew my taser which then caused Chad [to] pause, and proceed to take multiple steps toward me. After [multiple] orders to stop he turned away from me and began to start running north bound on 14th Street," Earl says.

Roberts pointed his Taser at Bramlet and he became compliant for him. Handcuffs were placed on Bramlet and he was placed into the back seat of a patrol vehicle.

Earl spoke with Alicia who explained what had transpired over the previous hours.

"She is afraid that he is going to hurt someone and stated the safest place for him would be jail. Shortly after leaving the hospital earlier in the day Chad informed Alicia that he had recently done methamphetamine," Earl says in her report.

Contact was then made with the resident of an apartment in the 2500 block of 14th Street that Bramlet allegedly broke into.  The 41-year-old woman was "extremely distraught and crying uncontrollably," Earl wrote in her report.

"She repeatedly stated that the intruder had stolen her boyfriend['s] gun. Her 11 year old daughter...was also in the residence. [The woman] explained to me she had went to bed approximately 15 minutes prior to the incident. She was awoken by a loud bang and a male enterlng her bedroom [and] he repeatedly told her he was going to take care of her and was rambling about methamptretamine and where some may be located," Earl's report says.

Bramlet then allegedly grabbed the woman and shoved her onto her bed.

"While pushing her on the bed he told her he just wanted to kiss her. He told [her] that his name was Chad and that he was going to take care of her and her daughter," Earl's report says.  "[She] advised she had to fight Chad for quite some time to get him out of her bedroom. She pleaded with him and told him that she has a daughter in the house and to please leave."

The woman reportedly told Earl that Bramlet had opened her nightstand drawer and she thought he had stolen a handgun, but it was discovered that he did not. She was able to push him out of her room, into the hallway, and eventually outside her residence. 

"She had been met by Chad's wife Alicia. He then ran out of the driveway and northbound on 14th Street," Earl states.

The apartment does have video and camera surveillance, which Earl says provided her with evidence to add to the case.  Photos were also taken of the damage caused to the door by Bramlet allegedly breaking in.

The alleged victim contacted her daughter's father to come and get her from the apartment because she was "extremely traumatized and distraught," Earl's report says.

"She did not want to be in the residence anymore as she did not feel safe," Earl says.

"I asked Chad what was going on today at which point he told me he had broke into a cabin. He further stated that his wife Alicia is abusive to him and beats him and he was trying to get away from her on today's date," Roberts wrote in his police report.

Bramlet then reportedly asked Roberts to take him away from his wife by taking him to jail.

"I explained to Bramlet that I didn't know if that was an option as I did not know if there had been a crime that had been committed at this point.  I advised Bramlet that I could not arrest him for breaking into the cabin in Oregon as it was outside my jurisdiction," Roberts wrote. "At that time Bramlet stated that he also broke into a house recently in Lewiston. When I asked which house it was Bramlet stated it was up the road and it had happened just now."

Roberts drove to Bramlet's residence in the 1600 block of Vineyard Drive.  He spoke with Alicia about the events leading up to her husband being taken into custody.

"On today's date in Lewiston, Alicia stated that Chad had done meth with a friend of his near the High School and had become very erratic. When Chad left the house this time she followed him to 14th Street when he began walking north," Roberts wrote in his report, adding that in the 2500 block of 14th Street she watched her husband kick in the door of the bottom apartment and go inside.

"She stated she could hear a female screaming. After Chad came out he then went to the upstairs apartment and began beating on the door there but was unable to make entry. It was at that time that officers arrived on scene," the report says.

Alicia confirmed that Chad had broken into a cabin in Wallowa County Oregon earfier in the evening which is currently under investigation there, Roberts says.

Roberts contacted Nez Perce County Sheriff's Deputy Kaltenbaugh who had arrived on scene and was interviewing Bramlet.

"Deputy Kaltenbaugh said that Chad was being erratic with answers. Chad asked for some water which I did retrieve and give him. Chad admitted to smoking meth and marijuana on [today's] date. Chad drank the water and attempted to get out of my patrol vehicle. Myself and Deputy Kaltenbaugh blocked his way and pushed him back into the vehicle and I advised him he was not free to leave," Roberts says in his report.

Bramlet was then transported to the Nez Perce County Adult Detention Center and booked on misdemeanor charges of Battery, Unlawful Entry, and Malicious Injury to Property.

The apartment's resident says she is still scared to be alone in her home because of the alleged actions of Bramlet.  She explains that she had just gone to bed about 10 minutes prior to him showing up at her door.

"I heard a loud noise and a loud voice saying, "Si, I 'm here, run!" and I opened my bedroom door to see a man standing right in front of me.  I said "I don't know you, get out of my house!" Chad entered my bedroom and shut the door. He said, "You know me, my name is Chad. I have been sent here by the Father for your METH," the alleged victim says.  "His voice turned loud and evil at this time. I explained to him that I don't have any meth and I don't do drugs. All I could think of is my 11 year old daughter was in the next room and must have been terrified."

The woman says she told Bramlet to get out and that she had a child in the house, but instead he allegedly came closer.

"He said, "I will take care of her, I will take care of you, I will kiss you, I will have you." Then Chad shoved me to the bed. Thoughts were crossing my mind that first some methhead was going to beat me up for drugs I didn't have, then I thought I was going to get raped. I then doubled up my fist to punch him and stopped myself. I knew that if I tried to fight him I would lose. I am a 41 year old, 118-pound female, to his 6 ft. tall 200 pounds," the woman says.

The resident says she then screamed to her upstairs neighbor to call the police and she yelled "help!"

"Chad said, they are already on their way. Chad Bramlet then reached over and opened the bedside drawer.  I am not sure if he was looking for drugs or a weapon. At that point I thought I was going to be killed.  So I grabbed him by the neck of his shirt and twisted his shirt in my hand and pushed him as hard as I could until he left my house.  I fought with all of my strength to get him out of my house," the woman says.

She then followed Bramlet outside and saw his wife, Alicia, standing in the driveway.

"She watched him kick my door in and could not stop him. His wife was on the phone with the police at the time and earlier that day for other occurrences. He had tried to get into my neighbors house by climbing over the balcony before he entered mine," the woman says.  "I have 3 video cameras facing my entry doors and did catch some footage live and still pictures are a bit blurry because he came in so fast. One of the cameras didn't turn on until he was already in the house but did catch his voice."

The woman says that Bramlet took the entire door frame out when he allegedly kicked the door.

"This has been a terrifying experience for me, and my daughter. I have lost many hours of sleep worrying about this happening again.  I wasn't prepared the first time, but I am now. I never thought this would happen to me in my neighborhood," the woman says.

Meanwhile, Alicia Bramlet says in a statement that their hearts and thoughts were immediately for the people who were involved in the incidents that had transpired.

"We reached out immediately at the scenes and explained Chad was having a reaction to a medication and we were trying to get Chad help. We offered monetary, physical help, and counseling with our sincere apology that this affected them too and to let us know how we could help. Our hearts and thoughts are for all involved that this affected including police and staff that were trying to help Chad," Alicia says.

"Chad was confused and saying a lot we didn’t understand or know what was true at the time. Only until we spoke to the doctor and drug tests could verify what was actually happening to Chad. He was having a manic attack from a direct result of being on SSRI prescribed by the doctor," Alicia adds, saying that they were all confused and just attempting to get help after Chad came back from being missing all day.

"We immediately took him to the hospital and they let him leave and then the police were notified that he left and were instructed to bring him back to the hospital when found which is documented in hospital reports. He was tested for meth at the hospital and was found clean. We called the police when Chad showed back up at our home after leaving the hospital and they told us they could do nothing because he wasn't harming anyone," Alicia says.

Alicia says she followed Chad out of their home early on Thanksgiving with the intention of having any excuse to get him arrested so they could get him help with 911 on the phone.

"They would not arrest Chad unless he broke the law. He was in a medical emergency and we were doing everything we could to get him help. In the police reports the police failed to document that they were told over and over again that Chad was has a manic attack from a medication because they focused on one of the things Chad was rambling about was doing meth which I also told the police he was saying. He was also saying he talked to God on a mountaintop and trying to save the world. He was very bold which is a symptom of manic. He was going to door to door knocking asking to come in and accusing some of being on drugs all while I was on the phone with 911 trying to get them to us ASAP," Alicia says, adding that their love and prayers go out to everyone involved or even upset by this.

"We love our community and will help in whatever way we can to bring peace and healing. We are thankful for the doctors and police help through this confusing time and we press on in faith knowing all things are eventually used for good. We are thankful for the support for the people affected and us," Alicia says.

While in the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center emergency room on the evening of November 22nd, Bramlet was evaluated for his recent behavior and tested for narcotics.  The test results, with a time stamp of 8:55 p.m., say that no opiates, barbiturates, amphetamines, and cocaine, among others, were detected; cannabinoids were detected.

According to the physician's notes, Bramlet reported that he was experiencing disorganized behavior in the form of wandering away from home.

"When asked about this experience Chad reports "I felt a calling to go find truth," the report says. "Chad presents with no other signs or symptoms of mania or psychosis at this time.  Chad's father reports that recently Chad began taking a new antidepressant medication (3 weeks prior) but other than that there has been no known change in his dietary intake, medication, or substance use."

"His father whom accompanies him to the [ER] today reports that Chad has recently demonstrated increasingly bizarre and egodystonic behaviors such as wandering away from home for prolonged periods of time and being "hyper-spiritualized lately," according to the mental health crisis assessment, which adds that his family had grown increasingly concerned about the extent of his recent change in behavior.

The assessment adds that Bramlet reported his current mood as being "fantastic" and that he had felt more positive recently.

On January 8th, Bramlet had an appointment with his physician for a followup of a "bipolar disorder with acute psychosis on 11/22/17 which was a direct result of being on SSRI with undiagnosed bipolar disorder," the doctor's records show.  SSRI stands for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors which are antidepressants used in the treatment of major depressive and anxiety disorders.

The physician noted that Bramlet's mania was initiated roughly two weeks after the SSRI therapy began with Zoloft being the "culprit of mania," in addition to the use of marijuana at the time.  This resulted in the increased likelihood of SSRI-induced psychosis/mania, the doctor wrote.  He added that it is now well controlled with another medication.

Bramlet has spoken openly at churches, schools, and other locations in recent years about his history with substance abuse addiction, recovery, homelessness, and despair.

VIDEO from apartment resident's security camera: https://youtu.be/xAVlGQIZwdY

PHOTO is of damage to apartment resident's door.

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