Chestnut Beach Still Closed To Swimmers

Chestnut Beach Still Closed To Swimmers

High Levels of Fecal Coliform

CLARKSTON, WA – Chestnut Beach is still closed to swimming.  The latest water-quality test results show it’s still unhealthy to be in the shallow area around the beach.  Those results came in last Friday.  They Army Corps of Engineers tests the water every Monday and it usually takes until Thursday or Friday to get the results back.  So far, every test has come back with higher levels of fecal coliforms.  The bacteria can come from animals or humans.  A Corps spokesperson says once it’s safe to swim again, they’ll let us know and the signs will come down at the beach.  They advise you to thoroughly clean your fish if you catch it near the shore before you eat them.  Boating in the Snake River in that area is fine, it’s just the area near the shore that is of concern. 

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