Idaho Rivers United Ends Involvement In Steelhead Lawsuit

Idaho Rivers United Ends Involvement In Steelhead Lawsuit

Season Ends Early On Dec. 7th

BOISE, ID – With just a few days before the steelhead season ends early, one of the groups behind the threatened lawsuit is pulling out. 

The Boise group Idaho Rivers United sent out a press release encouraging Idaho Fish & Game to keep the steelhead fishing season open while awaiting the permit from the overseeing federal government agency.

Idaho Fish & Game has continued the steelhead season without a permit from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association for the last ten years.  The permit is necessary because anglers who catch hatchery fish sometimes catch wild fish that are protected by the Endangered Species Act.

Idaho Rivers United released a statement about ending their part of the proposed lawsuit saying “First, NOAA has released a draft management plan that, when finalized, will legalize the

steelhead fishery. IRU’s priority has shifted to evaluating the draft plan to ensure that Idaho’s wild steelhead receive needed protections during their migration and spawning seasons.

Second, we were surprised and disappointed that the Fish and Game Commission decided to

close the steelhead season. Their decision hurt riverside towns, and many people we care about – people who are on a larger team to restore salmon and steelhead in Idaho. We regret that. We have many friends in those communities – anglers, fishing guides, citizens, and business owners, who have worked with us for many years on salmon and steelhead recovery. It is unfair to punish rural communities that depend on fishery-based economies. Let’s fix this, quickly.”

Unless things change, the steelhead season ends in 4 days on December 7th.

***Correction:  This story has been corrected to reflect that Fish & Game has changed the closing date to the end of the day on December 7th.

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