Nez Perce Drive Scheduled To Open

Nez Perce Drive Scheduled To Open

January 29th | 6:00 am

LEWISTON, ID – Nez Perce Drive could be open on the 29th.  The Urban Renewal Agency just finished discussing the timeline in their meeting.  The City of Lewiston is scheduled to take ownership of the part of the road beyond the theater from the construction company on the 28th.  The discussion concluded with an agreement to open the road at 6:00 am the next day. 

One person speaking to the committee about the roadwork said they’re putting on the “finishing touches” and then it’ll be ready.  The committee also talked about keeping an eye on small rocks that could still end up in the roadway.  They stressed that the rocks would not be much larger than a pebble, but could still cause problems or be an annoyance.

There will be a small ribbon-cutting to go with the opening.  It’s in the process of being put together and scheduled, but will likely be on the 31st.

Attached Photo Taken July 2018

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