48% of Idaho Graduates Now Have College Credits

48% of Idaho Graduates Now Have College Credits

Through Advanced Opportunities Program Funding

LEWISTON, ID – Almost half of Idaho high school graduates are now headed into the world with college credits.  Idaho’s dual-credit program for high school students launched five years ago, and the Board of Education says it’s “a resounding success.” 

The program gives kids a jump-start on college by taking classes while still in high-school.  When the program started, about one-third of the 2014 graduating class had credits under their belts, and in 2017 it was nearly half, and 121 students had enough credits leaving high school to collect associate’s degrees with their diplomas.

The Board of Education credits the Advanced Opportunities program that appropriated funds up to $4,125 for each student to pay for courses.

If Governor Little’s proposed budget goes through as-is, there will be an additional $3 million worth of funding for the program.

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