Idaho Appealing Prisoner Gender Reassignment Surgery Order

Idaho Appealing Prisoner Gender Reassignment Surgery Order

Adree Edmo Convicted Of Sexual Abuse Of A Child

BOISE, ID – The Idaho Department of Correction is appealing a District Court ruling ordering them to provide gender reassignment surgery to an inmate.  Adree Edmo, a Bannock County resident, was sentenced to three to ten years for sexual abuse of a child under 16 years.  Edmo now identifies as a woman and wants the surgery to become one physically.

December 13th, Judge B. Lynn Winmill gave the Correction Department six months to provide the surgery turning him from a man into a woman.

After announcing the appeal, Governor Little said “The hard working taxpayers of Idaho should not be forced to pay for a prisoner’s gender reassignment surgery when individual insurance plans won’t even cover it.”  He went on to say “We cannot divert critical public dollars away from our focus on keeping the public safe and rehabilitating offenders.”

Board of Correction Chairman, Dr. David McClusky, a licensed general surgeon, said the court confused its opinion with medical consensus in this case.  “If Ms. Edmo had a broken arm, we’d all agree it should be treated…but disagreement among medical professionals in this case does not constitute cruel and unusual punishment.”

Correction Department Director Josh Tewalt said “…prison is not where you go to get unwarranted surgery.  We’re confident subsequent rulings will agree.”

The case now heads to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for further proceedings.

If Edmo is granted the procedure, it would be the first in Idaho and the second time in the nation.

Edmo is listed in the Idaho Department of Correction inmate roster as Mason Dean Edmo.

**Update** When asked if Edmo would be moved to a women's prison if granted the surgery, a state DOC representative has said that he can't speculate on what would happen depending on the outcome of the appeal.

Booking Photo Courtesy: Idaho Department of Correction

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