Scam Call Looks Like It’s The Sheriff

Scam Call Looks Like It’s The Sheriff

Claims Money Will Satisfy Arrest Warrant

ASOTIN COUNTY, WA – The Asotin County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind you that they’re not going to call you and ask for money because of a warrant for your arrest.  A press release from the office says that someone is calling citizens and identifying himself as a member of the ACSO.  The man then says there’s a warrant for the person’s arrest, but if the person will pay money, the warrant will go away.  The caller requests payment using Green Dot cards or some other form of gift card-type payment.

The phone number that pops up with the call may look like it’s coming from the Sheriff’s Office, but it’s not.

The Sheriff’s Office advises citizens to just hang up and do not give out any information.

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