Fire District Warns Of Unsafe Pipe Thawing

Fire District Warns Of Unsafe Pipe Thawing

Open Flames Are A Bad Idea

ASOTIN COUNTY, WA – The Asotin County Fire District is sending out a warning before things get more frigid.  The warning is to reheat frozen pipes correctly.  People have chosen in the past to thaw pipes by using an open flame or propane torches.  The Fire District would prefer that you use a safer method.  They recommend you open the faucet to let a small amount of water flow, and if your pipes are completely frozen, thaw them with a hair dryer, moving up and down the pipe, not leaving the dryer in one place.

They also recommend that if you aren’t sure if what you’re about to do is safe, call a plumber or another professional.

Photo Courtesy: Asotin County Fire District #1

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