Lewiston Man Struck By Semi-Truck

Lewiston Man Struck By Semi-Truck

Port of Wilma | This Morning

WHITMAN COUNTY, WA – A 33-year-old Lewiston man died this morning at the Port of Wilma, just northwest of Clarkston.  At about 7:30 am Derick P. Abshire was hit by a semi-truck on Wilma Drive.

A press release from the Whitman County Sheriff’s Office says he was a truck driver for Excel Transport.  He appeared to be placing a tarp over his load when it happened.  Two more semi trucks were passing where he was working, going in opposite directions. Abshire was hit by the eastbound truck.

Clarkston Fire Department medics responded to the incident, but were unable to revive him.

*This story has been edited to correct his name.  It was misspelled in the Whitman County Sheriff's Office press release.

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