Open Burning Starts Monday

Open Burning Starts Monday

9am - 4pm | Asotin County

ASOTIN COUNTY, WA – Open burning starts on Monday in Asotin County.  Residents outside Clarkston and Asotin can burn specific items of yard waste once it begins.

Between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, residents can burn piles not larger than 4 feet by 4 feet wide by three feet high.  You are not allowed to burn grass clippings, leaves, pallets, oil, garbage, dead animals and many other things.  If you’re not clear what is allowed, you can pick up a detailed list at the Asotin County Fire District station on Appleside in the Clarkston Heights or at the Building and Planning Office in Asotin. 

If you have branches and woody yard waste, the Fire Marshal recommends you take advantage of the free disposal program at the landfill instead of burning it.

Before you start a yard waste fire, you can call the burn line.  It’s updated daily to let you know if you’re allowed to light a fire that day or if environmental conditions have changed.  The number is 509-243-2002.

Penalties for illegal burning range from $200 - $10,000.

The burning period is scheduled to end on May 31st.

Attached photo is of an unattended burn pile that deputies found on 16th Avenue in October.

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