Former WSU Student Convicted of 2nd Degree Rape

Former WSU Student Convicted of 2nd Degree Rape

After Party In August 2017

COLFAX, WA – A former WSU student faces jail time for 2nd Degree Rape.  A jury found 23-year-old Thomas L. Culhane guilty yesterday of both rape and Furnishing Liquor To Minors. 

The convictions come from an incident at his apartment in August of 2017.  A press release from the Prosecutor’s office says Culhane hosted the small party where he served liquor and marijuana to his guests.  After all but one of the guests left, the release says Culhane had sexual intercourse with a female college student who stayed behind because she was too incapacitated by alcohol to get home.  The release says the victim removed her shirt because she was hot, but there was nothing sexual about the act.  Mr. Culhane testified that because she took her shirt off, she was flirting with him. 

Culhane is scheduled to be sentence on May 3rd.  He faces between 7.5 years and life in prison.

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