21st Street Intersection Detours In Place

21st Street Intersection Detours In Place

Scheduled Finish: October

LEWISTON, ID – The intersection at the bottom of 21st Street is now closed to traffic going toward downtown from 21st and up 21st from downtown. 

Detour signs went up this morning and work on one of the busiest intersections north of Boise is fully underway.

We drove the intersection this morning and it’s flowing fairly well with 9:30 am traffic.  The northernmost lanes, formerly the two coming off the bridge, are now one lane each direction.  Once you get almost to the bridge headed out of town, traffic merges into roughly a lane and a half with traffic coming from the Clearwater Paper area.  Coming off the bridge into Lewiston, traffic was a little bit backed up trying to turn toward Clearwater Paper, but the right lane headed toward downtown moved smoothly.

The Idaho Transportation Department is making several changes to the intersection.  The G Street intersection at MOD Pizza will no longer connect to 21st.  There will be two left turn lanes in all directions.  Sidewalks and a crosswalk will be improved and the pavement will be concrete instead of asphalt to resist wear from heavier traffic.

Construction will last the summer and is scheduled to be done in October.

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