Nine Women Interviewed Report Sexual Offenses Against Gallina

Nine Women Interviewed Report Sexual Offenses Against Gallina

WARNING: The details below may be a trigger for some people

ASOTIN, WA – Court documents show Scott Galina is charged with 2nd Degree Rape, 2nd Degree Assault, and Indecent Liberties.  The Probable Cause order, written by a Washington State Patrol detective, says some incidents date back to 2014 when he was first appointed to be a Judge.  It also says some of the victims had difficulty determining the exact dates of many of the incidents because of the “…high number of incidents reported to have occurred since Mr. Gallina became the judge in Asotin County.”

One person interviewed says Gallina asked her to lift her shirt, and when she did not, he lifted her shirt up and tore her blouse.  It goes on to say he “…placed his hands under her clothing and bra multiple times, touching her bare skin and breasts. This mainly happens when he approaches from behind. He has also placed his hands on her upper thighs and moved them across her vagina but over her underwear.”

There are multiple reports by this interviewee mentioning physical restraint with sexual actions.  The person said she did not know what to do about Mr. Gallina’s conduct because she enjoys her job, but he has authority in the courthouse.  She was afraid of losing her job if she reported the conduct.  She stated she fears for her safety and the safety of her family.

Another employee reported she was subjected to sexually inappropriate comments and touched inappropriately by Mr. Gallina on numerous occasions over numerous years.  She reported that Gallina has physically restrained her so she could not move and she has resorted to physical resistance of his advances over the years.  One specific example she included was grabbing her head and “…forcefully kissed on the mouth without consent.”

The interviews included nine women, and all nine reported varying degrees of sexual misconduct ranging from sexually inappropriate comments to sexual assaults.

For now a Spokane County Superior Court Judge has been appointed to take over Gallina’s cases.

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