Officer In Stable Condition After Orchards Shooting

Officer In Stable Condition After Orchards Shooting

Trail Of Bullets Down Burrell


An eyewitness to the shooting has come forward with her account to Daily Fly News of the shooting on Burrell outside the fairgrounds.  Wanting to remain anonymous, she says she was headed west on Burrell when she saw him driving toward her.  Suddenly, with “dust and dirt flying”, he “whipped around broadside, jumped out, looked at me, and ran around” his car.  She says that’s when “he just opened fire” at the LPD officers.  Once that happened, she started backing away from the scene as fast as she could and saw officers firing back at the suspect.  She says the last thing she saw was the suspect with his hands in the air, but with the gun still in his hand.  She says she heard more shots as she drove away.  In regard to the hands in the air, still holding the gun, she says “it must have been a ruse.”  She said as she was driving away, she heard more gunshots, and she couldn’t help but notice girls on horseback riding frantically from the scene and a father and son who had just been playing baseball in the field nearby.


LEWISTON, ID – What the City of Lewiston’s Public Information Officer originally stated about today’s shootings has been recalled.  The original press release said that a suspect was dead after an officer-involved shooting in which three LPD officers took part. 

A Nez Perce Tribal Spokesperson has confirmed that Tribal Police Officer Josh Rigney was shot twice at his home in the Orchards, just south of Burrell Ave.  At last check he was in stable condition at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center.

A witness to that event told us that the suspect originally appeared to go to the wrong home, then found the location with the Tribal Police vehicle outside and opened fire.

Further east on Burrell, behind A&B Foods, another location was blocked off with bullet casings on the ground.  Witnesses there say they heard the shots and then saw a “late-model tan or gold Honda” speed away.  Photos sent to us by Tyrel Roberge show bullet holes in a car, the front window, and on a fence at Carpenter Fence across the street from A&B Foods.

Further east on Burrell, the road is blocked at the Nez Perce County Fairgrounds where a tan/gold Honda sits with its door wide open.  We saw officers on-scene taking video of a An LPD patrol car with a flat tire.  The Public Information Officer declined to state whether it was shot during the incident.

Lewiston Fire Chief Travis Myklebust said when he arrived at the fairgrounds location, medics were already performing CPR on a man with multiple gunshot wounds.  Medics took him to St. Joseph Regional Medical Center.  Myklebust also confirmed that none of the LFD medics who responded were injured in either incident.

*Correction:  The original article said the Lewiston Public Information Officer retracted the press release, but she has pointed out to us that it was not retracted, it was recalled.

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