College Tuition Going Up Again

College Tuition Going Up Again

Increases Approved Yesterday

MOSCOW, ID – The cost of a college education is going up.  The Idaho State Board of Education is currently meeting in Moscow.  Yesterday they approved a tuition increase in resident tuition and full-time undergraduate student fees.

A press release from the Board of Education says each of Idaho’s public four-year colleges and universities requested the increases.

There will be a 5.5% increase at Lewis-Clark State College.  The University of Idaho is going up 5.6%.  Boise State has the lowest increase at 4.9%.  Idaho State University is the highest at 6.1%.

Board Member Andrew Scoggin said “All of us would like to reduce the costs or hold the costs down for students.  We put our institutions in a very tough situation when they have normal increases tha tare going to arise in order to provide quality education and to maintain facilities.  Cost to students is critical, but so is the quality of their education.”

The vote was 5-3 in favor of the increases that start in the fall this year.

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