Local Woman Says She Found A Glove In Her Ravioli

Local Woman Says She Found A Glove In Her Ravioli

Giovanni Rana Italian Sausage Ravioli

LEWISTON, ID – A local woman ate half of a ravioli this weekend before she says she spotted a piece of glove in the other half.  Her husband, Phil Campbell, contacted Daily Fly with the info and posted a video online of what he says is a blue piece of glove inside the Ravioli. 

Phil recalled the disgust he felt when he found out, saying “…my wife tells me, then shows it to me...and just disgusting...washing our mouths out with scope...repeatedly.”

The pasta is Giovanni Rana Family Size Italian Sausage ravioli, with the lot #190706110704.

Campbell contacted Wal Mart to let them know what happened.  He says they offered him a refund.  When he went back on Sunday the bags of the product were still on the shelves, and he says they’re the same lot number as the bag with the glove.  He also contacted the Giovanni company and they’re sending a container so that they can put the glove piece in it and send it back for testing.

Campbell contacted the Food & Drug Administration, and they told him to contact the US Department of Agriculture.  He’s now waiting for a reply.

As far as anyone else who may consider eating the product, Campbell says “I would avoid it until they make some statement.”

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