Lapwai Senior Working To Rebuild Sweathouse

Lapwai Senior Working To Rebuild Sweathouse

Looking For Donations & Volunteers

LAPWAI, ID – A Lapwai High School Senior is working to rebuild a sweathouse.  Payton Sobotta is gathering supplies, knowledge, and help to replace the Sweetwater Sweathouse as his Senior Project.  It burned down in December.

Payton says he has fond memories of going there with his father and uncles, but he also wants to rebuild it to benefit the community.  The sweathouse was a place for the community to pray and cleanse.  Part of the process will be to do a considerable amount of research on the previous sweathouse. 

Payton is looking for donations to make the project a reality.  He needs new plywood, and specific kinds of lumber, concrete and more.

If you’d like to help, you can go to his GoFundMe page here:

Donations of any amount are welcome.    He will also be looking for volunteers to help build the structure once he has the funding.

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