Honorable Mention For WWII Veteran
Ben Austin

Honorable Mention For WWII Veteran

Classic Rock 102.9

Classic Rock 102.9 and Pacific Steel & Recycling have had the privilege of honoring a Veteran each month by sharing their inspiring stories. Kelly Carper sent us an incredible story about his father, Sterling Carper, who served overseas as a tail gunner in WWII. Unfortunately, Sterling passed away in 1997. We would like to give him an honorable mention and donate $100 to the Lewiston Veteran’s Home in his name. Here is his inspiring story:


My hero is my Dad, Sterling Carper. He served as a tail gunner in a B24 Liberator in 1942 and 1943. He was stationed just north of London in Warwick, England. His aircraft was heading to a temporary duty assignment in North Africa when it lost power. The pilot tried to land in a meadow and the left wing dipped and the plane began to cartwheel. It pitched my dad out, breaking his hip. The plane caught fire. When it came to rest he went inside to see who was still alive. He pulled two men out and saved their lives. The other 7 had been killed. During the rescue his clothes caught fire and he was badly burned. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his courage. When I finally got him to talk about this incident he said “I was just doing my job and taking care of my buddies.” Dad passed away in 1997. He is my hero.


The men and women who served during war time for our freedom always deserve our respect and appreciation. On behalf of Classic Rock 102.9 and Pacific Steel & Recycling, thank you SSGT Sterling E. Carper for your service.

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