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Shoulder Pain: Bursitis

Bursitis refers to inflammation of the bursae, which are small, fluid-filled sacs that act as cushions between bones and soft tissues in joints. Bursitis typically results from injuries, overuse, and repetitive movements of the joints. However, infections and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and gout can also cause inflammation of the bursae.

Inflammation of the bursae between the rotator cuff and the shoulder blade is called subacromial bursitis. In the rotator cuff, bursitis can sometimes develop at the same time as tendinitis. Bursitis in the shoulder can cause tenderness and pain, which can restrict the movement of the arm and make daily activities difficult.


People can often treat bursitis at home by resting, applying an ice pack, and taking OTC medications, such as ibuprofen, naproxen, or aspirin.

For people with severe bursitis, a doctor may recommend having steroid injections or undergoing a procedure to remove the fluid from inside the bursae. If the bursitis is due to an infection, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics.

In rare cases, a person may require surgery to remove the affected bursae.


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