Man Tasered In Clarkston Arrest

Man Tasered In Clarkston Arrest

Charged With Resisting Arrest and Obstruction

CLARKSTON, WA – Videos are circulating Facebook and YouTube of an arrest by Clarkston Police Officers in the Wal Mart parking lot Monday afternoon.  The first officer there was responding to a call from a citizen for a car prowler.  The man was described to dispatchers as a 5’11” black man with a backpack.  The man in the video, Mark Domino, matches the description.   An officer approached Domino, began speaking with him and tried to detain him.  Police Chief Joel Hastings says that’s when the man started to become agitated. “The officer felt that it was getting unsafe, so he decided that ‘I need to detain this individual so I can investigate this crime’”

Hastings says during an investigation it is legal for an officer to detain someone until it’s determined he’s not involved, he is involved, or a certain amount of time has passed.

Another Officer arrived shortly after the incident started, and Hastings says the man resisted and when both officers could not gain control, they had to use a Taser.  In the video, you can hear the Taser pop and the man respond verbally.  “They told the individual he was under arrest for obstructing law enforcement, but he continued to resist” Hastings said.

Domino was taken to jail for both resisting arrest and obstructing police officers.  He was released shortly afterward. 

Hastings says any time force is used they conduct an internal investigation.  He says this case is no different and they will find out if there was any wrongdoing.

Here’s a link to the video:

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