Pullman Fireworks Sold Monday, Legal Wednesday

Pullman Fireworks Sold Monday, Legal Wednesday

Not Legal On School Properties

PULLMAN, WA – Firework stands open on Monday in Pullman, but don’t light them off yet.  It’s not legal to use them until Wednesday.  The Pullman Police Department is sending out a reminder to keep your fun within the law. 

It’s legal in Pullman to use approved fireworks Wednesday, July 3rd, From 9:00 am until 11:00 pm and Thursday, July 4th, from 9:00 am until midnight.

If you use them outside of that time, it could get you a $100 ticket for violating city code.

It’s also illegal to have them in Sunnyside Park during the big celebration on July 4th.

In a press release from the Pullman PD, it says if you buy your fireworks in Pullman, they’re ok to use.  All of the stands in the city have been inspected and are only selling legal fireworks.  If you buy them outside the city, they may not be legal.  Two of the most popular fireworks to buy that are illegal are firecrackers and bottle rockets.  Just possessing them is a criminal misdemeanor in town. 

Another warning going out to Pullman residents and visitors is that schools are off-limits.  The Pullman PD will be patrolling to make sure no one is using their parking lots and facilities to light fireworks.

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