Karate Student Earns Two Medals At World Competition

Karate Student Earns Two Medals At World Competition

Sydni Stocks

LEWISTON, ID – Sydni Stocks is back in Lewiston after a trip to represent the United States in martial arts in Slovakia.  The 15-year-old 2nd degree black belt from Lewiston was ready to compete in six events, but a shot to the jaw kept her out of one of them.  She says she was ready to go, but the team doctor suggested her massively swollen jaw might need a little rest. “So much inflammation, I couldn’t move my jaw.”

Regardless, she still brought home a pair of third-place victories against the world’s best competitors.  “Last year I only brought back one medal, so being able to bring home two was definitely…I’m proud of myself because I placed in a division I didn’t think I’d be able to, so that was really, like, shocking.”

Her teacher, Frank Arnett, says he’s both proud and impressed.  “For her to take bronze in her division, the top in the world, you know, somebody from Lewiston, Idaho, it’s amazing.”

Sydni had nearly a week to relax, but it’s already time to head to Nationals Monday in Florida to qualify for next year’s world competition.  You might think the jaw injury would make her hesitant to compete again, but she has a good strategy. “I’ll be sure to keep my hands up more.(laugh)  Make my head less of a target.”

Competition Photos Courtesy: Sandi Stocks

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