Avista Files Gas & Electric Rate Increase

Avista Files Gas & Electric Rate Increase

3.6% - Electricity | 2.3% - Natural Gas

LEWISTON, ID – Both your gas and power bills may be going up if you live in Idaho.  Last month Avista requested a residential base rate change of 3.5% to the electricity side, and now they’re requesting a change to electric and gas usage. 

If the increases are approved by the Idaho Public Utilities Commission, the cost of electricity will go up by 3.6%.  Avista’s calculations say that’s an increase of about $3.00 per month to the average household. 

Natural Gas will go up 2.3%  if approved.  They calculate that at about $1.05 per month for the average home. 

A press release from Avista says the increases are necessary due to a lower level of customer usage, partly from a warmer than average winter.

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