Firewood Cutting Season Opens Saturday

Firewood Cutting Season Opens Saturday

Fish & Game Craig Mountain Lands

LEWISTON, ID – If you’re looking to stock up your firewood for the winter, you can cut on Craig Mountain Fish & Game property starting Saturday.  July 13th is the official beginning of the season.  You must be on Idaho Fish & Game property though with a permit and map of the cutting area.  You can get those from the Clearwater Regional Office at 3316 16th Street in Lewiston. 

Fish and Game leaders advise you to make sure you know where you are when you’re up there.  Bureau of Land Management and The Nature Conservancy both have land in the area that is off limits without a permit from those groups.

The permit is good for five cords of dead timber that’s down or standing within 100 yards of the roadway.  Fish and Game is offering the cutting of firewood in these areas to keep fires more controllable if they pop up.  The roads along which you’ll find the cutting areas act as a firebreak in case one pops up.  The wider the areas along the roads, the less likely it is that a forest fire will jump it and destroy more trees.

The sale ends August 30th, but could end sooner if a Stage II fire restriction goes into effect.  That’s when you can’t use a chainsaw in those areas.

If you have questions, you can call Fish and Game at 208-799-5010.

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