Jay Inslee Discusses Climate Change at Democratic Debate
Trevan Pixley

Jay Inslee Discusses Climate Change at Democratic Debate

SEATTLE, WA — The Democractic Presidential debate took place last night, and it got heated, it stayed heated throughout the night. Jay Inslee was in the building for the debate, and this time he had way more speaking time.
He spoke for just over ten minutes, which was the fifth longest of the night. He almost doubled his speaking time from the last debate. Political analysts aren’t sure if this debate helped Inslee’s standing, however, the governor had a heated exchange with Vice President Biden on the topic of climate change.
“We have to act now,” Inslee said. “Look, climate change is not a singular issue, it is all the issues we Democrats care about - it is health, it is national security, it is our economy.”
Whether it’s enough to keep Inslee in the race or not, voters and Democrats credit the governor for raising the profile on climate change on the national stage.

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