Washington State Advises Citizen’s to be on the Look out for These Bugs

Washington State Advises Citizen’s to be on the Look out for These Bugs

Reported by: Warren Sterling Of Bellinghamherald.

Washington state is asking residents to check their yards for invasive insects as part of national Tree Check Month.

The state’s Invasive Species Council’s Aug. 7 press release outlined ways citizens can help prevent the spread of invasive insects. It also detailed the ways invasive species travel, signs they have arrived and where to locate them in your yard.

The Invasive Species Council says checking swimming pool filters is an effective way to detect invasive bugs early. Looking for sawdust and bore-holes can also be a sign invasive species have arrived.

The notice mentioned three species that have not yet appeared in Washington but could arrive here by hitching a ride on semi-truck or bundle of firewood. Those species are the Emerald Ash Borer, Citrus Long-horned Beetle and the Spotted Lantern Fly.

If you think you may have found an invasive species, the state is asking you to take a photo and report the finding online at invasivespecies.wa.gov/report.shtml.

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