Top 10 Tips to Survive High School
Trevan Pixley

Top 10 Tips to Survive High School

One of my favorite shows growing up was the Nickelodeon cult classic “Ned’s declassified school survival guide.” It’s a show that follows a group of three friends as they navigate through awkward times during Jr. high and high school. 

The main character Ned has a guide with numerous tips on how to make it through school. From watching that show, and going through my own experiences, I’ve gathered my own guide and tips on how you can survive the school year. Here are my top ten tips on how to get through high school unscaved. 

10.) Tip #10: Dress up for spirit week, it’s not lame. 

For full transparency, I never really dressed up for spirit week, not even in elementary school. It wasn’t about me thinking those that participated were lame. It was more about the work that you have to put into those outfits in the morning. I struggled to get up in the morning to just put on my regular clothes. 

But not participating in my school’s spirit week is one of my biggest regrets of my school career. It’s fun to participate in the decade themed days, it’s fun to be a kid again and dress up as a character for a day and it’s fun to rep your school’s colors. For those of you that still consider yourself too cool to dress up for spirit week, is it really any different then going to a football game and wearing your favorite team's jersey? Or going to comic-con and dressing up as your favorite comic character? Show some school pride it’ll make your time in school a lot more enjoyable. 

9.) Tip #9 Don’t try changing who you are right when you enter high school.

You see it every year, kids that were totally different the year before suddenly change their personality and their whole mindset once they get into high school. 

High school is a time where you should start growing up mentaly, but don’t let that distract you from being yourself and staying true to who you are. Make positive changes to your life, don’t change who you are. 

8.)  Tip #8  You don’t have to know what you’re going to do after high school.

This one is for my class of 2020 peeps, how many of you are worried about what you’re going to do after school? What college you’re going to go to, what you want to major in, what kind of job you want etc. Just sit back and breathe, you don’t have to know what path you’re going down right out of school. You’re also not alone when it comes to this, tons of kids your age are feeling the exact same way as you from all around the world. It takes years to build a full life and to figure out who you are and what you’re going to be. People in their forties don’t even have all of it figured it out. It’s ridiculous to expect yourself to have everything figured out right of high school. So, just take a breath and enjoy your senior year, and make sure you dress up for spirit week! 

7.) Being Careless in School leads to a careless life.
Again, full transparency from me. I was never the greatest student during my time in high school, I got my fair share of D grades and F grades from my lack of effort. I managed to dig myself out of that hole, and found a job in a field that I enjoy. But for most it’s not that easy. 

There’s always going to be examples of those who got bad grades but managed to find a way out of the gutter. But, more often than not the careless attitude you carry in school will carry over into your life. Being careless in your adult life will put you behind so many steps. So as someone who has managed to “get out of the gutter” with my bad attitude towards school, trust me if I could I’d go back and do high school differently in that aspect. 

6.) Tip #6 Be social, but be loyal.

High school and Jr. High are great places for you to increase your social circle and find some new friends. With that being said, it’s also a prime time to lose those friends that have been with you since the beginning.

I’m going to be discussing this from both sides of this conundrum. You deserve to be social and be able to have all sorts of friends from all sorts of backgrounds, don’t ever let anyone tell you different. Even if your best friend of ten years is getting upset that you’re talking to all of these new people. You have a one hundred percent right to talk to new people and make new friends. If you’re the friend that’s being left out, let your voice be heard. This scenario is the number one way people lose friends in high school and jr. high. They go off hanging out with someone new and the friend just gives up. Let your voice be heard, let them know you feel.

5.) Tip #5 Teachers are the realest people that you’ll ever meet in your life.

If you’re in high school right now this might be something you have a hard time understanding, but there is no such thing as a bad teacher or a mean teacher. 

These are people that care about you and care about kids and developing their mind for not that much money. Teachers are some of the hardest workers in the entire world, from elementary school all the way to high school. 

If you feel like a teacher is out to get you, or you think they hate you, go up to them and tell them how you feel. More often than not, the teacher will be shocked and will try their best to make sure you don’t feel that way. 

Teachers can also be some of your best friends during high school. It feels good having a trusted adult you can talk to. They’re always there for you no matter what, before school, during school, after school. 

Shout out to my favorite teachers Mrs. Egland, Mr. Dabbs, and Mrs. Cruthirds. 

4.) Tip #4 Economics and Consumer Math, PAY ATTENTION. 

Economics and consumer math are the most important classes you will take in high school. Economics is a graduation requirement, however consumer math is not. In my opinion it should be a graduation requirement. 

Trust me those classes will teach you more about life than any class you will take in high school. 

For every student that complains about school not teaching you skills that you’ll use in the real world, take consumer math if you want life explained to you. 

Throughout that class you learn how to file your taxes, how to take a loan out, what’s a good credit score and much much more that’ll be so relevant to you once you’re out of high school. 

3. Tip #3 Don’t let yourself get pushed around/ don’t push people around 

This tip is a little unrealistic, bullying is going on everywhere and there isn’t much we can do to change that. However, if you’re reading this, maybe you’ll try your best to not be a bully. And if you see someone getting bullied, you’ll stand up for yourself or that person. 

If you’re getting bullied, don’t sit there and let it happen. If you’re a bystander don’t let the bullied kid face this on their own. I feel as a society everyone can do a better job with getting involved when they see someone not getting treated right. 

Make sure that when you’re in that school building you’re spreading positive vibes because everyone there has the same goal. They all want to leave and graduate and move on in life. Everyone should come together to achieve that goal. 

2.) Tip #2 Be Selfish 

I already know that teachers and parents don’t like seeing this in an article talking about how to survive high school but it’s true. 

Let me explain, I’m not saying be selfish around the house, make sure you’re helping your parents and make sure you’re up front and respectful to everyone. What I mean when I say be selfish is focus on yourself, do things that will benefit you, do things that will further your life.  

What I said above about no one having their lives together, that’s still true but you’ll be on the right path to success if you put yourself first during high school. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have friends, I’m also not saying you shouldn’t try and give dating a whirl, what I am saying is don’t let that distract you from the end goal. 

If you want something, the best way to achieve that goal is to have no distractions and to take the necessary steps to get there. No one knows what you want more than you, listen to yourself, do things for yourself and worry about yourself while your in high school. 

Honorable mentions: I posted on my facebook asking my Facebook friends what kind of advice they’d give to kids entering high school, and before we get into my number one piece of advice I thought I’d list some of what they said. 

Tyler Southall: Find a group of friends you click with. 

I really like this one, me and Ty were in the same friend group throughout high school and we’re all still friends. It’s rare to find a group like that, but if you do you better stick with them. 

Lindsay Gardner: MS/HS is such a small time of your life. All the he/she said nonsense,Who likes who, who does/doesn’t… NONE OF IT WILL MATTER AS AN ADULT!!!

Lindsay is a mother, she gave quite a bit of advice for all of you future high school students. But this one was probably the most PG rated. 

I agree with her however, high school is only four years of your life, don’t let some embarrassing moments during that time ruin you. 

Britany Schumacher: Think as clearly as you can when it comes to drama you’re involved in. And don’t let it be a source of entertainment!! 

This is the absolute truth, don’t be the person that uses drama as entertainment. That’s one of the worst things you can do, pin people against each other for your entertainment. There will be people like that in high school, so keep your eyes out. 

1.) Tip #1 Have fun and Calm down

Alright, you can stop booing me I know that this is the corniest way to possibly end this article, but hear me out. High school is what you make it, you ask anyone who’s been through high school some people loved it, some people hated it. How you feel about high school is up to you, it comes down to what attitude you have in class, what kind of extra circulars you do, and what kind of friends you make. If you go into high school with the mentality of I hate school I have no friends, then you won’t have a good time. Having a mindset like that is just setting you up for failure. Being happy is not “lame” everything is more enjoyable with a smile on your face. Try that strategy throughout school. Go to every class with the expectation that you’re going to learn, go to lunch to hang out with your friends and laugh, go to practice because you love being apart of a team. 

Now for the second part, calm down. Don’t take high school too seriously. Take your extra circulars seriously, and take class seriously but when it comes to the drama and all of that don’t sweat it. 

It goes back to what I said about being selfish, worry about yourself, don’t be afraid to have a small circle. Treat everything as a business trip, you’re there to fill a four year commitment get a diploma and move on in life. 


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