Early Morning Traffic Stop Leads Deputies To Quarter Pound Of Meth In Pullman
Trevan Pixley

Early Morning Traffic Stop Leads Deputies To Quarter Pound Of Meth In Pullman

COLFAX, WA- Early Wednesday morning Whitman County Deputies located a quarter pound of methamphetamine during a traffic stop on Main Street near Stadium Way in Pullman.  At around 1am the driver of the suspect vehicle was pulled over for improper lane maintenance after allegedly pulling in front of a deputy without signaling.  During initial contact with the driver and passenger, the deputy observed behaviors he believed to be consistent with being under the influence of narcotics. 

After some discussion, the driver, identified as 19 year old Dillon Armstrong, admitted to using methamphetamine earlier in the week and also admitted to having a meth pipe in the vehicle.

Based on this information deputies applied for and were granted a search warrant on the vehicle, locating a quarter pound of packaged methamphetamine in a small safe in the trunk.

Not having probable cause to detain Armstrong prior to the search warrant, he was allowed to leave the scene and was not present at the time deputies located the methamphetamine.  The Sheriff’s Office is currently in the process of seeking a warrant for his arrest based on these allegations. 

Armstrong is currently believed to homeless, residing with friends in the Lewiston Clarkston area.

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