Cigarette Caused Fire on Riverview
Trevan Pixley

Cigarette Caused Fire on Riverview

LEWISTON, ID - At 10:28 am the department was dispatched to a reported structure fire at Riverview Street. First arriving crews found the home's occupant outside with a garden hose just finishing extinguishment of a small fire on the outside of the home. The crews worked for about 20 minutes to check for any fire extension into the home and found none. The department responded with 3 structural engines, 3 ambulances, 2 Fire inspectors, 1 service unit and 3 chief officers. Totaling 21 personnel. The cause of the fire was found to be a cigarette that had been extinguished outside earlier. The wind caused ash to ignite surrounding materials. The estimated damage to the structure and its contents is $5,000. There were no citizen or firefighter injuries to report.

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