WEATHER: Morning Fog

WEATHER: Morning Fog

Lewiston Area:

Today: Morning fog, mostly sunny day, winds up to 11mph, mostly clear night. High 40/ low 29.

Thursday: Sunny winds up to 7mph, mostly clear night. 39/29.

Friday: Sunny day and partly cloudy night. 43/31.

Saturday: Mostly sunny day, mostly cloudy night. 44/36.

Palouse Area:

Today:  morning fog, sunny day, winds up to 8mph, clear night. 45/24.

Thursday: Sunny day, winds up to 6mph, mostly clear night. 42/25.

Friday: Sunny day, partly cloudy night. 44/27.

Saturday: Partly sunny, late night snow possible down to 2800ft., mostly cloudy night. 45/31

Prairie Area:     

Today: Mostly sunny day, clear night, winds up to 10mph. 43/24.

Thursday: Sunny day and mostly clear. 42/25.

Friday: Sunny day and partly cloudy night. 46/27.

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