Top 10 Businesses That SHOULD Come to the Valley
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Top 10 Businesses That SHOULD Come to the Valley

Last week we reminisced about businesses that are no longer apart of this great valley we call home. We talked about Hastings and all the memories that were made at the store - we talked about Big V and how it had everything you could ever want. We even talked about Godfather's Pizza and Granny's buffet where we all had countless family dinners.

Today, we're talking about those places you like to go to outside of the valley -  we're discussing if you had a choice to bring a major store, restaurant, arcade anything to the valley what would it be? Well, we asked you guys that exact question and you did not disappoint. Here are the top 10 most wanted businesses in the LCV. 

10.) Denny's

Before we get to into Denny's I just want to say ya'll are crazy for voting Denny's over IHOP. Nontheless, this is the people's list so let's talk about Denny's - no one gave a specific reason why they'd enjoy a Denny's in the valley. But, it'd be kinda nice to have a couple of 24/7 diner options when you're out and about at 3 a.m.

9.) Best Buy 

A Best Buy is definitely something I can get behind - there isn't much options as far as electronic stores in the LCV. Randall McLachlan agrees he says "Best Buy, Costco has a limited selection with electronics, nobody else in town with much more." 
There are a handful of electronic places in the valley but a Best Buy will really help those that are looking for quality equipment. 

8.) Carl's Jr.

Surprisingly, there was a lot of fast food votes. It was really shocking because the LCV has its fair share of fast food places, but non the less Carl's Jr. managed to crack the top 10. 

The first time I had Carl's Jr. was in Bakersfield, CA when I was visiting family - but that was years ago so I don't have that strong of an opinion on Carl's Jr. But, it did receive a lot of votes from the people without a lot of explanation, so if you're a Carl's Jr. fan comment on this post explaining what makes Carl's Jr. so Special!

7.) Outback Steakhouse

My personal vote to come to the valley, Outback Steakhouse. I love going to  an Outback Steakhouse, personally my favorite steak place. But apparently, that isn't everyone elses cup of tea because it's not the only steak place you'll see on this list. Marilyn Pike Wilson agreed with me however saying "I would love to see an Outback in the valley, great restaurant." Clay Boyle also agrees saying "Outback Steakhouse Who doesn't want a blooming onion?!"  

6.) Texas Roadhouse

This was the other steakhouse I was referring to - Texas Roadhouse. Though I am a fan of Texas Roadhouse in my humble steak eating opinion Outback Steakhouse is better. But, Texas Roadhouse received more votes. Kyler Zimmerman clearly disagrees with me saying "Texas Roadhouse blows Outback out of the water everyday of the week." Cherie K Wiik is also a fan of Texas Roadhouse saying "Texas Roadhouse, who doesn't need a good steak?!"

5.) Fred Meyer 

Now that K-Mart is heading out and Shopko is already gone - the valley is in need of another department store. The third most voted department store and fifth place overall is Fred Meyer. Tina Carlstrom didn't hide her love for Fred Meyer saying "Fred Meyer, love the choices and quality of products." Charles Grogran had past experience with Fred Meyer, saying "I worked for Fred Meyer for 20 years I can recommend them coming to the valley." 

4.) Golden Corral

Ahh Golden Corral, so much nostalgia for the inventor of the chocolate fountain. Anytime you make a trip to Spokane, Golden Corral was a must go for lunch. Christina Berry agrees saying "Golden Corral, sometimes the only reason we go to Spokane." Vickey Jones is also in the same boat saying - "Whenever we went to Spokane my mom would get so excited because she made sure we'd eat at Golden Corral."

3.) Olive Garden 

Olive Garden received a lot of votes from the people of the LCV - apparently everyone loves Olive Garden so much that they didn't even need to give a reason. Most of the votes said exactly this "Olive Garden!!!" Which I can't complain about, the people of the valley have been pushing for an Olive Garden for years. Brieanna Hanks said "Olive Garden, just because I love their food." Lisa Bunny pitched in and said "Olive Garden for sure."

2.) Hobby Lobby 

I had no idea we had so many craftspeople in the Lewis-Clark Valley but, Hobby Lobby received the second most votes on the post. I've never been to a Hobby Lobby personally, but I clearly see the appeal of having a store in the valley. Haylee Mosses was very passionate about getting one in the LCV saying, "We are seriously a town full of talented individuals, all doing small business projects," She goes on. "It would bring more business into town and less shopping on Amazon." Jeanette Turner wrapped things up saying "Hobby Lobby... huge variety for all creative desires." 

1.) Target

Most of ya'll guessed it - Target was the number one most requested new business to join the Lewis-Clark Valley. It also makes the most sense, people around here have been clamoring for a Target in the area for years now - now is also the perfect time to bring it to the LCV. Like we've mentioned a handful of times already, Shopko and Kmart are on its way out - so an alternative to Walmart will be a solid addition to the area. 

Kelsey Hughues agrees saying "We need a target since Shopko and Kmart are gone!" Pamela Ann Carpenter said "Target gives us more choices than Walmart." Teresa Hall wrapped it up saying "I've said it before, I'll say it again Target," she goes on. "People I talk to that aren't from here are shocked we don't even have a target!" 

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