Matthew Ditto Named November’s Veteran Who Rocks
Ben Austin

Matthew Ditto Named November’s Veteran Who Rocks

My Veteran Rocks

Matthew Ditto served as an infantry tow-gunner in the US Marines for nine and a half years. After a combat tour in Irag, Ditto has struggled with PTSD.

Matthew’s wife, Lacy, nominated her husband to be honored as this month’s Classic Rock 102.9 and Pacific Steel & Recycling Veteran that Rocks.  All Veterans have a story, and many are left untold.  The purpose of this feature is to honor our heroes and thank them for their service.  Matthew Ditto is one of these Heroes. 

Upon his honorable discharge, Ditto met a compassionate stranger that raised horses. This kind stranger realized there Ditto had a connection with her horses and let him work them. Equine therapy has changed this Marine’s life. Two years ago, Matthew Ditto and his wife began work on a project that will serve local veterans seeking horsemanship skills and equine therapy.

“I’m so proud of his military service and even more proud of his drive to help other veterans in need” Says his wife, Lacy Ausman-Ditto.

Ditto will be awarded with a $100 from Pacific Steel & Recycling as a token of appreciation. Each month, a new Veteran is featured as the Classic Rock 102.9 and Pacific Steel & Recycling’s Veteran that Rocks.  Nominate your hero today by sending in a letter of nomination to the Classic Rock 102.9 Facebook page. 

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