7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Activity and Live Healthy

7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Activity and Live Healthy

  1. Get a Dog – Getting a dog can keep you active and provide numerous health benefits. If you already have a dog make sure you’re walking your furry friend on a daily basis. The Mayo Clinic suggests borrowing a dog if you don’t have one.
  2. Ride a Bike – If you live in a rural area there should be lots of open space to take regular bike rides. Many suburban and urban areas are putting in bike trails and paths. Bike riding is a fun and easy way to get a good workout.
  3. Take the Stairs – This could potentially make a big difference in your overall activity level. If you live in an apartment building or work in a high-rise you have the opportunity to get a workout on a daily basis. Even if you only have a few flights to go, it can make a difference over time.
  4. Use a Push Mower – Using a push mower is a great way to get an often unpleasant chore accomplished while getting in your daily exercise.
  5. Stand More – If you work in front of a computer for most of the day consider getting a standing desk that enables you to stand while you work.
  6. Sit on the Floor – Whether you’re watching television, folding laundry, or enjoying a good book, sitting on the floor like a kid can increase your activity level. You’ll find that you naturally stretch and move more while sitting on the floor.
  7. Park Farther Away – Most people make trips to the grocery, shopping mall, and run other errands several times a week. Parking as far from the entrance as possible provides opportunities for extra walking.


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