Top 5 Favorite Lewis-Clark Valley Traditions

Top 5 Favorite Lewis-Clark Valley Traditions

We're officially in the month of December - which puts us right in the thick of things as far as the holiday season in the Lewis-Clark Valley goes. However, there's numerous events that go on year round that have become staples around the area for years. We asked you two weeks ago to tell us your favorite traditions in the Lewis-Clark Valley, we've narrowed it down to the top five favorite events voted on by the people. 

5.) Hot August Nights

Hot August Nights is always one of the most popular events during the summer in the LCV. The three day car show and concert event received quite a bit of votes. Leevon Pinson said "I absolutely love Hot August Nights." The only downside for the public seems to be the timing of the event. Most people seem to want a "Mild October Nights" instead. 

4.)The Festival of Trees 

The Festival of Trees received a lot of votes from the public. The event has been put on by Tri-State Memorial Hospital since 1985. 

The event took place this year on November 22 and 23, the live tree auction since its inception has been one of the premier holiday events in the Lewis-Clark Valley. Kathi Gardner said "I really enjoy going to the festival of the trees after Thanksgiving dinner."

3.) NAIA World Series 

The NAIA World Series is one of the biggest draws in the entire Lewis-Clark Valley and is always a staple of the summer time.

As a person who's viewed this event as a fan and as a reporter - it's truly one of my personal favorite events of the year. The best of the best in the NAIA do battle at Harris Field for a week. To top it off it's an all day event - plus what's better than baseball in the summertime? It also helps to have one of the best teams in the NAIA every year right here in the area.

2.) Nez Perce County Fair 

If the NAIA World Series is when you know the summer is offically underway, the Nez Perce County Fair is when you know the summer is coming to a close. 

The Nez Perce County Fair never changes, it seems to be the same almost every year but it definitely isn't broken. People go to the fair every year and love to do their traditions. Which is why it's been around for so long and why so many people go every single year.

1.) Winter Spirit

Winter Spirit is an event that mixes volunteering and people all joining together to appreciate what a community can to when everyone joins forces. Which is why Winter Spirit is everyone's favorite tradition in the Lewis-Clark Valley. From the first day the park gets lit up - until the day the lights go down it's a beautiful display that truly demonstrates more than just Christmas spirit. 

It shows what a community can do when they all join forces to create something beautiful for everyone in the area to enjoy. Winter Spirit got an overwhelming amount of votes and it's not hard to see why. When those lights go up in downtown Lewiston it's impossible not to have a smile on your face, it's impossible to not feel a sense of community. Which is why it came in as number one as the favorite Lewis-Clark Valley tradition. 

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