WEATHER: Clouds, Snow, Rain

WEATHER: Clouds, Snow, Rain

Today: Rain, snow to 3500ft between a tenth and quarter inch, gusts up to 13mph, mostly cloudy. High 42/ low 33.

Wednesday: Possible rain and snow to 4400ft, winds up to 11mph, partly sunny day, cloudy night. 41/38.

Thursday: Possible rain, snow to 5600ft, cloudy. 45/42.

Friday: Possible rain, snow to 6100ft, cloudy. 49/45.

Palouse Area:

Today: Rain, snow to 4000ft between a quarter and half inch, winds up to 11mph, patchy morning fog. 42/34.

Wednesday: Possible rain, snow from 2800ft to 4600ft, mostly cloudy. 42/37.

Thursday: Possible rain, snow to 4500ft, cloudy. 46/41.

Friday: Possible rain, cloudy. 50/43.

Prairie Area:

Today: Possible Rain and snow to 4300ft, wind up to 10mph, mostly cloudy. 42/31.

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, possible nighttime rain and snow to 4200ft, wind up to 7mph. 41/33.

Thursday: Possible rain and snow to 5400ft, cloudy. 44/37.

Friday: Possible rain, snow to 6300ft, cloudy. 49/40.

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